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Interesting Tooth Fairy Story for Kids

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Do you remember losing your first tooth? Was it painful? But the shaky tooth must have irritated you for sure! What did you do with the fallen tooth? Did you give it to the tooth fairy? Never heard of her? Then let us tell you a short story about a little girl who left her broken tooth for the tooth fairy. See what happened after the tooth fairy paid her a visit. If you are about to lose a tooth very soon, cheer up! There is a surprise that awaits you. Read this tooth fairy story to find out!

Amanda Loses Her First Tooth – A Tooth Fairy Story

Amanda was a lovely little girl who loved eating candies and sweets. Her mother had warned her not to have too many or else she would have cavities. One evening, after finishing her dinner, Amanda went to the washbasin to wash her mouth and brush her teeth before bed. However, suddenly, her tooth fell off. It had been shaking a bit for the past 2–3 days but she was afraid to tell her mother because she thought she would be scolded for having too many candies. 

Amanda crying on her mother’s lap.

Amanda crying on her mother’s lap.

Amanda burst into tears and ran towards her mother, “Mummy, my tooth broke! I promise I won’t eat candies anymore, please fix this.” Poor Amanda kept crying uncontrollably. Her mother felt bad, so she embraced her and made her sit on her lap. She said, “My darling Amanda, please don’t cry. This is normal. These are your milk teeth and now that you are growing up, it’s time for them to fall off.”

Amanda wiped her tears and looked up at her mother. She said, “So am I going to become like that old lady in our neighbour’s house who has no teeth?” Amanda’s mother chuckled and said, “No, of course not! You are going to have new adult teeth when your milk teeth fall off. Only when you become an old person like her, will you start losing all your teeth like her.”

Amanda felt relieved. She smiled and asked, “So I can have chocolates and my teeth won’t break, right?” “You can, but provided you do not eat too many of them and brush your teeth twice daily, especially before bed at night,” warned her mother. Amanda promised to listen to her mother and follow what she said.

Her mother then asked, “What are you going to do with this broken tooth?” Amanda replied that she was going to throw it away. Her mother suggested that she should not throw it away and instead keep it under her pillow for the tooth fairy. “A tooth fairy! Who is she?” inquired Amanda in surprise.

Amanda’s mother then explained to her that tooth fairies are little fairies who visit children at night and take their broken teeth from under their pillow. In return, they leave a present for the children. Amanda was very excited on hearing this and ran to her bedroom. She kept her broken tooth underneath her pillow and went to sleep. 

The tooth fairy visiting Amanda while she is asleep.

The tooth fairy visiting Amanda while she is asleep.

The next morning, Amanda called her mother so loudly that she came rushing to her room. “What is it, Amanda? Why did you scream so loudly?” Amanda kept jumping on her bed and told her mother, “See what the tooth fairy gave me! It’s the pair of apple hairpins I have been wanting for so long. Oh, mummy, I can’t tell you how happy I am.” 

She thanked the tooth fairy and hugged her mother tightly. She thanked her mother for telling her about the tooth fairy. Amanda wore those apple hairpins and did not take them off for at least a week.


Now you know what a tooth fairy is! Amanda kept her broken tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy and she got her long-awaited apple hairpins. You too can get a wonderful gift like Amanda. So, next time you lose a tooth, remember to place it under your pillow before you go to bed and don’t feel scared to lose your teeth. It just means you are becoming a grown-up. We hope you enjoyed reading this tooth fairy story. You can also read other fairy tales on our website. 

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FAQs on Interesting Tooth Fairy Story for Kids

1. Why did Amanda’s mother ask her not to throw away the broken tooth?

Amanda’s mother asked her not to throw away the broken tooth and instead placed it under her pillow for the tooth fairy. She further told her that tooth fairies pay a visit to little kids who have lost a tooth. At night, they quietly take the broken tooth from under the pillow and leave a gift for them. Thus, in the morning, when Amanda woke up, she was elated to find a pair of apple hairpins as her gift.

2. What did the tooth fairy leave for Amanda in return for her tooth?

When Amanda woke up the next morning, she was overjoyed to find that the tooth fairy took her broken tooth and instead left her a pair of apple hairpins. She had desired these apple hairpins for a very long time and was very happy to have finally received them as a gift from the tooth fairy.