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The Dog and the Sheep Story

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Introduction to the Dog and the Sheep Story

One of Aesop's fables, The Dog and the Sheep, is numbered 478 in the Perry Index. Its original focus was on the consequences of giving false testimony. Longer Middle Ages versions of the narrative, on the other hand, shift the focus to dealing with the powerful's perversions of justice at the expense of the poor. To separate it from the story of the sheep and the dog that defends them, it has been renamed The Wolf, the Dog, and the Sheep.

For dogs, loyalty is also a natural trait. Dogs are herd animals, which means they want to be among other animals. This is a survival mechanism as well. Packs succeed because the group's members rely on one another to live. This pack mentality, according to many dog trainers and other animal experts, also encourages dogs to be devoted to their people.

The Dog and the Sheep Story

There was once upon a time a farmer who had a herd of sheep and a dog named Tony. Tony was lounging in the Sun, toying with the bone, one day when the farmer wasn't there. All of the sheep were chatting to one another and working hard a little distance away. "Tony gets to rest all day in the Sun, while we work hard every day," one of the sheep observed as Tony relaxed. 

She told the other sheep the same thing. Hearing this, every sheep recognized that this is, in fact, correct. "Yes, we must do something about this," another sheep in the flock said. This is something we should discuss with the farmer."

When the farmer returned in the evening, all of the sheep went to him and expressed their dissatisfaction. One of the sheep remarked, "you give Tony a reward every day for being such a hard worker." He does, however, do nothing except lie about and rest every day. “We supply you with wool and milk, but we never receive such gifts."

After a brief moment of consideration, the farmer acknowledged that the sheep's anxiety was justified. He explained "Sure, I understand your apprehension. I'm going to alter it." The sheep were ecstatic the next day. 

They were looking forward to the sweets. What they saw, however, astounded them. Instead of giving Tony goodies, the farmer took him away from the farm with him.

It was getting dark, and the farmer had not yet returned. The sheep were all by themselves. A wolf's voice could be heard. They were terrified. The wolf was on his way to devour the sheep. 

Tony appeared out of nowhere at the property and growled loudly. The wolf was startled, and she adjusted her course. Tony was praised by all of the sheep for sparing their lives. "Do you still believe I'm not hardworking and lazy?" Tony inquired. The sheep collectively said, "No way! Not in the least. We now understand how dedicated you are to the farmer and how vital you are to us."

Sheep with dog Tony

Sheep with Dog Tony 

Summary of the Dog and the Sheep 

The Sheep complained to the Shepherd one day that while they were stripped of their fleece and their young ones were regularly kidnapped and butchered for food, they were given nothing in return except the green herbage of the field, which grew naturally and took no work on his part to get. "On the other hand, your Dog," they added, "is caressed and served the same grade steak as his master, despite the fact that he produces no wool and is useless as a food source." "Peace, bleating simpletons!" said the Dog, who had overheard them; "were it not for the fact that I look after and protect you, and keep Wolves and robbers away, your herbage and anything else you have would be of little service to you."

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FAQs on The Dog and the Sheep Story

1. What is the moral of the story?

The moral of the story is "You may not realise how significant a person is simply by looking at them. Everyone has their own importance in life."

2. Why were the sheep terrified?

Because the wolf was about to attack the sheep. Then, Tony came and he barked very loudly and saved the sheep.