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The Story of the Letter ‘G’

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Introducing the Letter ‘G’

The letter ‘G’ is the seventh letter in the English alphabet. There are many words, beginning with this letter or having this letter. The uppercase of this letter is written as ‘G’, and the lowercase of this letter is written as ‘g’. Some common words that begin with this letter are glass, goat, grave, gain, gum, etc. Let us now read more about the letter ‘G’. We will discuss the words that start with the letter ‘G’ in the following sections.

Meet the Letter G

To write the letter G in the uppercase, you make a large curve to a point (like ‘C’), then a straight line up from this point. On the other hand, to write the letter ‘g’ in the lowercase, make a circle first, then a line down the middle that finishes in a curve. 

Suppose there's a gorilla, a goose, and a golf ball. Can you conjure up a story with these words? Of course, one that is chock-full of words that begin with the letter G. By doing this activity, students learn how to use both the lowercase and uppercase G in a sentence or a paragraph.

The Story of the Letter ‘G’

Gorilla, Goose, and Golf Ball are just a few examples of words that start with the letter G. So, here's a little story about them. Gage the gorilla lived under a tree. He noticed something fly over his tree one day. It turned out to be a golf ball. Then there was another golf ball. Then there was another. 

“Hmm. Something has to be done with these golf balls!", Gage pondered. Gage would grab a golf ball as it passed by and attached it to his tree. Gary the goose walked up to the tree and sat down. "Excuse me. I was playing golf and was hitting all my balls in this direction. Did you happen to notice them?", Gary said.

Gary gasped as he noticed the golf balls on the tree. “Hey! Please return those to me!". "OK, I'll give you the golf balls,", Gage responded to make him happy. He pulled and pulled, but the golf balls were too tightly glued on. He wouldn't be able to do it! "I have an idea!" Gary said. With his golf club, he flew up onto the tree and took a tremendous swing at the golf ball, which flew super-duper far. He repeated doing this until he had collected all the golf balls. Then he invited Gage to join him to play golf.

So, kid, in this story, which words begin with G?

The Letter ‘G’

The Letter ‘G’

Lower Case G

A lower case ‘g’ can be written in FISH HOOK or LOOP-TAIL form, as represented below.

Types of ‘g’

Types of ‘g’

Fancy ‘g’

This one is dubbed "open tail" by the researchers because it looks like the G in Arial typeface. The other, dubbed "looptail," is the type found in Times New Roman fonts: two circles joined on the left side by a line.

The fancy ‘g’

The fancy ‘g’


Now that we have learned the importance of the letter ‘g’. What’s next? It’s time to learn more words beginning with the letter ‘g.’ In addition to that, you may perform fun activities such as recalling the names of your family members that start with the letter ‘g,’ reading a book, and underlining the words that start with the letter ‘g’, and so on.

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FAQs on The Story of the Letter ‘G’

1. How do you introduce the Letter ‘G’ to kids?

To begin, introduce the letter G by writing it in uppercase and lowercase on a sheet of paper. Tell children that the letter G is unique in that it may generate two different sounds. Introduce the two sounds and ask them to repeat them after you.

2. How can you write the letter ‘g’ differently?

The letter 'g' can be written as a FISH HOOK or as a LOOP-TAIL. The experts believe the confusion comes from the fact that, unlike other lowercase letters, the loop-tail ‘g’ is more of a stylistic device than a letter.