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The Rainbow Serpent Story for Kids

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What is a Rainbow Serpent?

A Rainbow Serpent is an imaginary animal that many Australian indigenous people, known as "Aborigines", believe to have created the mountains, rivers, and lakes. The Rainbow Serpent legends may be found all throughout Australia, but particularly in Arnhem Land in the north. Different native languages have different names for the serpent, such as Almudj and Ngalyod. The Rainbow Serpent is a water-controlling serpent that dwells in waterholes. 

Now, let's read The Rainbow Serpent story to know more about it.

The Rainbow Serpent Story

The Rainbow Serpent emerged one day from a lengthy slumber, beneath the ground. She went all over the place. She left her imprint everywhere she went, making rivers where she travelled and lakes where she rested. She returned to the spot where she had initially awoken and yelled at the frogs. "Come on out, buddies!" She screamed, "Come out!"

Since they were full of water, the frogs emerged slowly at first. The frogs smiled and laughed as the Rainbow Serpent tickled their stomachs, letting all of their water out. The water flowed across the terrain, filling the rivers and lakes. The grass and tree rose up from the water.

The creatures awakened after a while. They were ecstatic as they followed the Rainbow Serpent. Food was gathered in tribes. Some lived in rocks, some on trees, while yet others lived in the open air. The Rainbow Serpent taught them regulations to abide by in order to live in harmony.


The Rainbow Serpent

Some of the animals afterward grew agitated and caused problems. "Those who obey my precepts shall be rewarded with the human form." "Those who disobey my laws will be turned into stone forever," the Rainbow Serpent said. Even after being warned, numerous animals disobeyed the regulations and became mountains and hills.

Those who followed her, on the other hand, were transformed into humans and given the totem of the animals they formerly were. Tribes were identified by their totems, which included kangaroos, emus, carpet snakes, and many others.

No one went hungry at the time. The essential prerequisite for survival was that "a guy must not take from his totem, but only from others." That way, everyone would have enough to eat. In the area provided to them by the Rainbow Serpent, the tribes coexisted. They were certain that the land would always be theirs and that no one would ever be able to take it away from them.


The story of Rainbow Serpent refers to a time long ago when the Earth was flat. The Rainbow serpent held great powers and gave shape to the Earth. It awakens different groups of animals.

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FAQs on The Rainbow Serpent Story for Kids

1. Who was Rainbow Serpent?

The rainbow serpent is considered a godly creature, who was responsible for creating life and destroying nature. The Rainbow Serpent signifies one of nature's most powerful forces and spirit. The Rainbow Serpent, who is linked to water, is a tremendous life-giver and guardian of water, which is its spiritual home.

2. Why did the Rainbow Serpent come into being?

The Rainbow Serpent came into being from under the ground to create massive mountains, ridges, and gorges. It made deep trails as it travelled through the barren ground. The serpent is considered by people as a giver of life because it is related to water but can be a destructive force if angry.