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Five Best Comics for Kids

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What do you do on your vacations? What games do you play? We know you have a lot of fun. But, does your mom allow you to play in the afternoon when the sun is on your head? No. Well, it happens with all. To make your afternoon fun, you can read comics on superheroes or beautiful fairy tales. It will add a flavour of different characters in you. So, waiting for what? Are you confused about which comics you should read?

Prepare your favourite shake or a cold coffee, set your space and find the list of most famous comics for kids here. 

List of the Most Famous Comics for Kids 

1. Scooby-Doo! Team-Up

Scooby is one of the most popular cartoon characters. The comic Scooby-Doo! Team-Up is the most enjoyable and lovable comic among the kids. It was published by DC Comics. Initially, in three issues, each story featured Batman and Robin. Shaggy and Daphne are also among the most popular characters of Scooby-Doo! added in later publications. This comic teaches us the value of being kind and helping each other. It instils generosity and faithfulness among the kids.

Summary of Comic Scooby-Doo

Summary of Comic Scooby-Doo

2. Anna and Froga

To get the laughter dose, read Anna and Froga. It is the funniest yet lovable comic among kids. In this comic, Anna is the lead character. She explored the world with her animal friends—Froga the frog, Christopher the worm, Bubu the dog, and Ron the cat. They make fun of each other, yet support when they need it. It is one of the best comic books for kindergarten children.

The stories of ‘Anna and Froga’ were published by the Drawn & Quarterly. Each comic has a self-contained story. Some famous stories are: Thrills, Chills and Gooseberries; Want a Gumball? and I Dunno, What Do You Want To Do? 

Anna and Froga Kids Comic

Anna and Froga Kids Comic

3. Ordinary People Can Change the World

How to develop an interest in history for young learners?

Every parent wants their child to learn from every activity they participate in. Though all comics add language skills and new words in your pocket, some parents are focused on what values these stories give. Keeping this in mind, ‘Ordinary People Can Change the World’ introduced kids to history. It makes them learn about some very famous people like Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Albert Einstein, and Lucille Ball in a fun and easy way. 

These comics are best suited to children of all ages with a larger audience. 

Ordinary People Can Change the World

Ordinary People Can Change the World

4. Tiny Titans

It is one of the most popular comic book series. These are kid-friendly and nurtures young learners. Kids get introduced to the DC Comic characters, such as Robin, Beast Boy, Terra, Deathstroke (Slade), Psimon and many more. It is set in the elementary school environment. Therefore, it makes it the best choice for parents. Also, this series has won the comic industry’s top awards; ‘Eisner Award for Best Series for Kids’ twice.

Tiny Titans: kids Favourite Comic

Tiny Titans: kids Favourite Comic

5. Abigail and the Snowman

Abigail and the Snowman is a four-issue limited series. It is based on friendship. In it, the lead character Abigail left her town with her father. As she settled in a new place, she looked for new friends. There she made a friend named Claude, who was a Yeti that escaped from a secret government lab. Yeti is a mythological creature that is larger than an ordinary human.

It teaches a lesson of friendship, thus making this comic suitable for all ages.

Story of Little Abigail and the Snowman

Story of Little Abigail and the Snowman


We have collected the five best comic books that will keep engaging your child in learning and discovering new things. They will also increase their reading capacity and enhance their vocabulary. These comics are easy to read for every young learner. Comics add a new approach to falling in love with reading by the early and reluctant readers.

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FAQs on Five Best Comics for Kids

1. How do comics help kids in learning and developing their brains?

Comics are one of the best ways to introduce reading to children. They develop their love for learning and reading. They also help them to understand different relations and their values. Comics also develop their thinking and reasoning abilities by fostering them to analyse what will happen next, or what will be the end of the story. 

2. Name any five comics for kids.

There are many comics available globally for kids. Some of the popular comics are the following: Scooby-Doo! Team-Up, Anna and Froga, Ordinary People Can Change the World, Tiny Titans, and Abigail and the Snowman.