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The Mitten Story for Kids

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The Tale of Friendship

Stories are an excellent approach to introducing children to different languages, cultures, and literary devices. The mitten story is a short tale that recounts a tale of love and friendship. By introducing innovative thinking into a child's surroundings, stories aid in the development of their imagination. 

The story is a wonderful tale that both parents and children will enjoy. In this article, we present a simple English version of the mitten story to encourage children to read more literature.

The Mitten Story

Once upon a time, there lived many animals, all the animals lived happily with each other. On a cold winter day, a mole discovered a mitten in the snow.


He thought to himself, “Huh? This is fantastic! Now I have a nice place to live."

Soon a frog passed by the mitten. A frog hopped over to the mole and asked, "Mole, may I come in?" "My legs are numb!"

"Of course, come in. Together, the two of us will make the house warmer.” Said the mole.

"Is anyone home?" yelled a rabbit as he passed by. "Yes”, the mole and the frog answered.

"My ears are numb!" "Do you mind if I join you?" the rabbit inquired.

"Sure, your ears will warm up in no time with the three of us in here," the mole remarked.

"Did you hear something?" Rabbit questioned his companions. Soon after, a massive grizzly bear appeared. 

"Is this a cave?" he asked loudly. He called out, "Is anybody there?" 

" We are here" exclaimed the mole and his companions. 

Because of the thick snow, the bear couldn't see anything. He, too, wished to enter. However, he was far too large to fit. 

"You're too large!" the rabbit exclaimed. "There isn't enough space for you!" "Please!" shouted the bear. "It's freezing."

“Oh right. Please come in. "Let's hope six people can fit in here," the mole suggested.

Animals in the Mitten

Animals in The Mitten

As the bear moved in, all the animals felt constrained. 

"Stop pushing me!" shouted the fox. 

The wolf yelled, "Move over then!" 

The rabbit exclaimed, "Oh, my ear, my ear!" 

Frog yelled, "Can you wiggle your tail?"

"My tail has frozen from the cold," a baby mouse said as the animals shifted around. "Could you possibly let me in as well?" The mitten, on the other hand, had already stretched much too far.

Soon the little mouse entered the mitten and rested on the nose of the bear. The wagging tail of the mouse was tickling the bear. The bear tried very hard to resist the sneeze.

But at last, when the bear could not resist anymore he sneezed. The mitten sailed high into the sky as Bear let out a massive sneeze. 

All the animals went up in the sky. As they were falling down Santa came and rescued them. They were then told it was Santa’s mitten.


Santa's mitten had gotten lost when he was presenting gifts to the nice kids.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" exclaimed Santa as he looked around. "We wish you a very Merry Christmas!" Santa then offered every one of them a warm place to stay.

Moral of The Mitten Story

Short stories like the mitten story are a great way to teach important life lessons to kids while having fun. The mitten story mentioned in the article teaches us the important lesson of kindness and friendship. The mole and other animals were kind to each other and allowed each other to stay in the mitten in the freezing cold winters. And it was because they were kind to each other Santa wished them a happy Christmas and offered them a warm place to stay. 


Short stories, like the one in this article, are a great way to boost a child's creative thinking. This type of story can help children learn literacy skills including character evaluation, narrative, and creative reasoning. Needless to say, children's stories are significant for a variety of reasons and play an important role in the development of children. Being a part of that process can provide both kids and parents with a sense of accomplishment while also being a lot of fun. We hope that both parents and children will appreciate the tale.

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FAQs on The Mitten Story for Kids

1. Why did all the animals fly up from the mitten?

As the mitten was completely packed with animals with no space left, everyone struggled to be comfortable. But as the mouse entered the mitten his tail tickled the bear and he felt like sneezing. The bear tried to control his sneeze but as there was no room the mouse continued wiggling his tail and at last the bear sneezed. The sneeze forced the animal out of the mitten and everyone went flying up in the sky.

2. In the mitten story the mitten belonged to whom?

The mitten belonged to Santa in the story. As Santa was delivering presents to the kids, he mistakenly lost his mitten. As Santa was searching for the mitten he saw the animals, he was impressed by the friendship and kindness and offered all the animals a warm place to stay.