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Turtle Story

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The Baby Turtle on a Sea Voyage - Will She Make it Till the End?

Have you ever wondered about the small creatures at sea? Always scared of their life. They always live on their edge, fearing they will be gulped up by the hungry big predators at sea.


One such story is about a baby turtle.

In this turtle story, we will read how the baby turtle experiences her journey in the sea. Will she survive and make it till the end? Let us read to find out!

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Baby Turtle

Baby Turtle

After a good sleep underwater, the baby turtle woke up to realize who she was and where she was. The turtle also remembered that someone called her - An Olive Ridley. 

The turtle floated in the water current for a while beaming in the sunrays, playing in the vibe. 

As the turtle was swimming and enjoying it, a big fish started to chase her. The fish thought her to be a ‘delicious turtle soup’. The baby turtle hurried for life.  She finally found a seaweed raft and slipped onto it. 

On the raft, the baby turtle felt safe like being in heaven!

Suddenly, the baby turtle remembered a place called ‘Reef’ which was a fairyland on the ocean. She wanted to go there desperately. But, she did not know how she would find her way to the Reef. 

All of a sudden, she met the biggest turtle with a leather back. The leatherback turtle was as huge as you can imagine!

It weighed 600 kilograms!

The leatherback turtle then explained to the baby turtle that these fats help the leatherback turtle survive a long time of migration. Then the leatherback turtle was hurrying back to hunt jellyfishes. Before the big turtle went off, the baby turtle asked the way to the Reef. 

“This way” the big turtle pointed to the baby turtle. Baby turtle thanked her. 

On the Reef, she first met the old Green Turtle, she was as old as being 50 years, but she looked very young. The secret of her youthness was that she only ate seagrass and algae. 

The Green turtle also migrated to the island in the middle of the ocean to lay a nest. 

Next, when the baby turtle grew up, she too left for the island to nest. She travelled the sea with other turtles, among them was loggerhead. All swam powerfully and began their long journey.

On their way, they were very careful from the dangerous sharks and the trap nets. Some of the baby turtle’s friends could not make it and they were caught in the trap.

Anyhow, she reached the beach of Gahirmatha to lay her first nest. 

The turtle then went up to the sandy beach and found her spot to lay eggs. She dug up the ground and lay down comfortably to lay eggs for the first time.

She laid 100 eggs in total!

On that beach, there were around hundred and thousands of turtles laying eggs altogether. After the laying of eggs season was over. The little turtles decided to return back to her feeding ground. She will be in her feeding ground for a year or two and then come back to Gahirmatha beach.

On the other hand, turtles like Green turtles took around 5 to 6 years to feed themselves.

On her way back to her feeding ground, she thought about her eggs. She wondered if those eggs will hatch one day and come back to her feeding ground, though she will not know them but they will be continuing what is called life!

And that is how the baby turtle, now an adult, laid her eggs and came back safely to her feeding ground. The End!

So, kids, what did we learn?

The story was a simple illustration of life. It makes us reflect on the life of the small creatures too. Enjoying life and the fear of death also creeps to these little creatures as well. We must save their lives and acknowledge how beautiful it is.

The story of the turtle gives the perfect reflection of how difficult life is at sea for the small creatures. 

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FAQs on Turtle Story

1. What is the message delivered by the story?

The message was we should save the turtles at sea. The turtles are hunted down for their meat, for their hard shell, we should have mercy for these little creatures and thus let them enjoy their life as we do ours!

2. How can you save the turtles?

We can save the turtles by spreading awareness about their life and merciless deaths. The sea beaches should be cleaned regularly for the mother turtle to lay her eggs comfortably. Additionally, we can take part in a sea turtle conservation group and help and educate society on saving the sea turtles.