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Short Story of Fairies in English for Kids

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Such magical stories are not only entertaining for children but also teach them basic morals that are necessary in life.

  • Children will learn to be more thoughtful and kind towards others.

Introduction to Fairies Story

Short stories on fairies transport children to a magical realm, helping them expand their horizons. A fairy princess story is also a great way for a child to develop their moral compass and learn about new and unique concepts. In this article, let us analyze some fairy stories in simple and graspable language for the benefit of young minds.

Origin of the Story 

Most fairy stories are the ideation of renowned writers such as Hans Christian Anderson, or the Brothers Grimm. However, some modern fairy tales like the Tooth Mouse were written by Andrea Kaczmarek, for the Storyberries project. Likewise, The Fairy Garden story is written by Jade Maitre. Lastly Phoebe Coghlan wrote the Christmas Elves fairies story.

Summary of the Tooth Mouth

It is a short story about fairy that caters to children between the ages seven to twelve. The story revolves around Lotta whose teeth were wobbly and loose. One day, she was telling her best friend Luzia that the tooth fairy will probably knock at their doors soon, as Lotta was about to lose her teeth. However, Luzia replied that the place where she comes from – Spain – has a different take as the Tooth Mouse, Mr. Ratan Perez, comes to take the teeth away and he also leaves a little gift for the children who leave a glass of water for him. Then Lotta went home and told her mother that the tooth fairy does not exist, and in her place the Tooth Mouse will come and it is a big problem. Then, Lotta’s mother said that probably the Tooth Fairy and Tooth Mouse worked together and spoke all the languages in the  world. Then, Lotta and her friends wrote a letter addressing both the Tooth Fairy and Tooth Mouse to see who comes to take her fallen tooth away. The night when Lotta’s tooth fell out, she was giddy with excitement. The next morning when Lotta looked under bed, she saw a box of crayons and a coin left for her. Then, she realized that the Tooth Fairy and the Tooth Mouse did, in fact, work together.

Summary of the Fairy Garden

It is another short story about fairy wherein a little discovers a garden of magical creators beneath her own garden. After discovering this magical phenomenon, she straight away went to the garden and saw that butterflies, gnats and insects seemed to be dancing around. The little girl recalls that the sky was also azure that day, and she was very happy. She then saw a fairy-like small little boy who was humming and decided to call him dragon-fly boy. Then the little girl and her friend went on many adventures.

Summary of The Christmas Elves 

It is a fairy princess story written in the form of a poem. The poem is a description of how people celebrate Christmas, and how everyone is filled with love, familial bonding, and kindness on that day. In addition, it also revolves around themes of universal brotherhood and how festivals bind every human being on earth together. So, there we have, the fairies story summary.

The Pictorial Representation of a Fairy


The Pictorial Representation of a Fairy

Moral of the Story 

The first fairy story – The Tooth Mouse - tells us about the importance of respecting other people’s opinions and beliefs, no matter how different they are from yours. Likewise, the poem about Christmas includes valuable lessons on kindness and benevolence, and also helps young minds learn about unique concepts such as elves. Lastly, the Fairy Garden story tells us to be adventurous and open to new things in life.

Note to Parents

Short fairies story are an incredible way to enhance the imagination of young children, and thereby develop their cognitive processes. In addition, they also help kids inculcate the habit of reading, and facilitate their English speaking, writing, and understanding skills. Therefore, parents and teachers should go the extra mile to ensure that their children are regularly reading bedtime short stories.

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FAQs on Short Story of Fairies in English for Kids

1. Why did Luzia say that a Tooth Mouse came to take away the fallen teeth of children?

Luzia was from Spain and their people believed in Tooth Mouse instead of Tooth Fairy. The underlying crux is that beliefs and notions change from culture to culture, and it is important to respect diversity.

2. Where did the little girl find the Fairy Garden?

The little girl found the Fairy Garden beneath the garden of her own house.

3. As per the poet of the ‘Christmas Elves,’ what qualities do you need to change the world?

As per the poet of the Christmas Elves, we have to be kind and smart to change the world.


Such magical stories are not only entertaining for children but also teach them basic morals that are necessary in life.

  • Children will learn to be more thoughtful and kind towards others.