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The Story of Fire

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Introduction to the Story

The story of Fire is all about the situation that does exist at the time of earlier days. It is about how the people lived when there were no minimum facilities such as houses to live in, clothes to wear, food to eat, and many more things. This indicates that this story is about very older people who have made their lifestyle live only behind nature. It means, using stones to light fire, using caves to live and sleep, using rainwater canals for water, hunting animals to eat, etc.

Let us look at the story on fire, provided in this article.

Overview of the Story

Many, many years ago, people did not have access to warm, comfortable homes like ours. They lived in caves that were dark and freezing. A tree was struck by lightning once during a violent storm, and the flash lit it on fire. It just so happened to land near a cave where several cave people were hiding. They were initially terrified and huddled together. They went outside once the storm passed to inspect the lightning tree. One of them carried a burning branch inside the cave. They discovered that it heated and lit the cave. They fueled the fire with sticks and dried leaves in order to keep it going. The fire became a huge blessing to a man from that point forward.

Ancient people, living in the caves

Ancient People, Living in the Caves

Summary of the Story

At times, we may still listen about the people, who used to live only by utilising the things that are provided by nature. Though it seems to be shocking, it is absolutely true.

Moral of the Story

Never ever lose your hope while searching for the sources.

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FAQs on The Story of Fire

1. Where did the earlier people use to live?

The earlier people used to live in the caves where it was both cold and dark.

2. How did the earlier people build their houses?

The earlier people used to get the branches of the tree and build trees by helping each other.