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The Bird and Ant Story - From Aesop’s Fables

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Oftentimes we do good things only when people are watching. Sometimes we think whether doing good to someone will benefit us in any way. How many times do we help others without expecting anything in return? Very few, right? It is our nature to expect things in return for the things we do or the actions we take. But The Bird and Ant Story from Aesop’s Fables will give you a different view on good deeds and helpfulness.

The Story of A Bird and An Ant

Once upon a time, there was a river that flowed with great speed and force. The water gushed so strongly that even a heavy stone would tumble downstream. On the bank of this river was an ant that was trying to drink some water. Little did the tiny ant know about the strong currents of the dangerous river.

While reaching out to quench its thirst, the poor ant fell into the river. And guess what? The river carried the ant downstream with such speed that the little ant could not even swim its way to the shore.

The ant started struggling and gasping for breath. It was praying for some miracle to save its life. But no help was in sight. Suddenly, a bird that was sitting on a tree branch noticed the tiny ant drifting down the dangerous river. The bird was sitting calmly, relaxed and enjoying the shade. But when it saw the ant, it could not help but swoop down to help the poor creature. The bird cleverly plucked a leaf from a tree and threw it at the ant in the river. The little ant quickly grabbed a corner of the leaf and got up onto it. The leaf helped the ant float safely ashore. The ant was greatly thankful to the bird for saving its life. 

A bird saving a drowning ant

A Bird Saving a Drowning Ant

A few days later, the ant noticed a bird-catcher. He was laying down a large net, covering it in twigs and leaves, and he put some grains to attract the bird. The ant was quick to see through his intentions. It knew what trouble the bird was about to face. So, it decided to help the bird. The tiny ant walked its way through the leaves and got up to the ankle of the bird-catcher. It stung the man so hard that he cried and jumped. All this noise alerted the bird, who then flew away to a safe place.

An ant stinging a bird-catcher to save a bird

An Ant Stinging a Bird Catcher To Save a Bird


The bird did not know who the ant was. They were not friends. However, the bird decided to help the poor creature in need. This will to help did not come from friendship or love, it came from kindness and sympathy. The bird did not know whether the ant would help it in the future or not. But it did not hesitate to save the tiny ant’s life. Therefore, this good deed that the bird performed was rewarded for, and it returned to the bird in its own way. 

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FAQs on The Bird and Ant Story - From Aesop’s Fables

1. What is the moral of The Bird and Ant story?

The story teaches us the importance of kindness and good deeds. We can now understand that good deeds never really go unnoticed. Someone, somewhere will surely know of such a deed and you will be rewarded for being selfless and kind. 

2. Why did the ant save the bird?

The ant had no expectation to live when it fell into the river. The bird came and saved its life like an angel, a miracle. This selfless act of the bird made the ant grateful towards it, and when it was its opportunity to help the bird, it did not hesitate to do so.