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A Panchatantra Story on Unity is Strength!

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An Introduction to the Story Unity is Strength

The stories of Panchatantra are always liked by children very much because it teaches the value of goodness as well as imparts important life lessons with entertainment. 

Kids like the Panchatantra Story because it uses animal characters in the story. 

The story of Unity is Strength is the story of a flock of pigeons who got stuck in a trap of a bird catcher. 

Read the story of ‘Unity is Strength’ to know what had happened to them and how they saved their life.

Unity is Strength - Short Story

There lived a flock of pigeons long ago in a dense forest. There was an old and wise pigeon in that flock who was respected by all the pigeons.

All the pigeons used to search for food and water during the daytime and return to their nest before nightfall.

One day, the pigeons saw a lot of rice grains spread on the ground when they were searching for food. The wise pigeon became suspicious and told the pigeons not to eat them. 

However, all the pigeons did not listen to him and went down to eat rice grains. It was actually a trap set by a bird catcher to catch the pigeons. As they started eating the grains, they found that they could not move as their feet got stuck in a net.

Pigeons got stuck in a net

Pigeons Got Stuck in a Net

They started flapping their wings but they could not get rid of the net. All of them were crying for help. The wise pigeon was safe and saw all of this as he did not come to eat the grains.

The wise man who did not come to eat the rice grains advised them to fly together and carry the net with them. They did what the wise pigeon told them to do. When they started flying together, they flew with the net and came to a safe place away from the bird catcher.

All the pigeons flying together

All The Pigeons Flying Together

The wise pigeon then called his friend mouse who helped them by cutting the net using his sharp teeth. 


All the pigeons thanked the wise pigeon for his help. The wise pigeon said, “Unity is Strength”.


Children enjoy reading stories and poems that teach the great values of life to them. The story “Unity is Strength” is a story that teaches the importance of the virtue of unity to children. To read more such moral stories, visit our website.

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FAQs on A Panchatantra Story on Unity is Strength!

1. What is the moral of the story ‘Unity is Strength’?

The moral of the story ‘Unity is strength’ is that we become stronger when we work together or in a team. Unity is always powerful. We should always try to do things with mutual coordination and unity. In this story, the pigeons worked together to save their lives.

2. How did the pigeons save their lives?

In the story, ‘Unity is Strength’ the pigeons saved their lives by flying together. They could not escape from the net when they were trying to fly individually but when they followed the advice of the wise pigeon who told them to fly together, they escaped the net and saved their lives.