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Story of The Three Little Kittens

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Introduction to Three Little Kittens Story

What are short stories? Does it teach anything? Yes! Definitely. Short stories are fun to read. They can be entertaining as well as beneficial for children as well as for their parents. Short stories act as companions to them. Reading these stories helps to develop one’s speaking skills, creativity, and thought processes, among many other things.

So here we bring one of the short stories for the little ones.  

Three Little Kittens Story

Three Little Kittens Story

This story will prove to be very interesting for the little ones. It is a very simple story of three little kittens meeting with a dog. What happens then? Does the dog hurt them? Or do they fight back? It will keep the young readers busy with what is going to happen next. 

The Story

Three Little Kittens Story

Three Little Kittens Story

Read the three little kittens' stories below.

Once upon a time, there were three little kittens. One day they encountered a big dog. The dog terrified the kittens. Little kittens rushed, and the dog kept up with them. The kittens ran at an increasing pace!

A little bird ran into the kitties. The kittens, however, didn’t stop moving. 

A young boy ran into the tiny kittens. The kittens, however, didn’t stop moving. They made a beeline for a large chunk of wood.

Three Little Kittens and the Dog

Three Little Kittens and the Dog

They screamed for help. The dog approached them, grinning.

The Dog is chasing the Three Kittens

The Dog is chasing the Three Kittens 

The dog said that he was very excited to run with them. The young kittens were shocked but had a new friend.

How to Read Short Stories?

How to Read Short Stories

How to Read Short Stories 

For instance, the motivational value ingrained in short stories enables children to learn the four skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—more successfully. Additionally, teachers can convey literary, cultural, and higher-order thinking benefits through short stories.

Following are the ways one could follow to read short stories-

  • Read the stories attentively. After reading the story, kids should recall the main characters. 

  • Enjoy when you read short stories.

  • Keep in mind that not every story is real. 

Some Examples of Short Stories

Short Stories

Short Stories 

Whether they enjoy reading books or not, all children enjoy listening to stories. Children are taken on amazing adventures by stories, allowing them to explore, learn, and have fun. One of the best ways to spend quality time with your children is to read stories to them.

You may also use stories to teach your children important values like friendship, honesty, compassion, and more. We have chosen ten well-known children's moral stories that will educate them on sound moral principles and keep them thoroughly entertained.

Here is the list of ten short stories for kids.

  • The Lion and The Mouse

  • The Farmer And His Sons

  • Stag Story

  • The Hare and the Tortoise

  • The Golden Goose

  • The Boy Who Cried “Wolf!”

  • The Honest Woodcutter

  • The Dreamy Milk-maid     

  • The Wolf in Sheep-Skin

  • Friends Forever.


From the story, we see that it was short as well as entertaining for kids. The obstructions little kittens face while they run away from the dog in order to save themselves. The dog wanted to play with them, but the kittens misunderstood him. But in the end, they end up becoming friends with one another.

We learn from stories about the world. Storytelling is a unique approach for kids to learn to respect and appreciate other cultures. It can also encourage a positive attitude towards individuals of all nationalities, races, and religions.

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FAQs on Story of The Three Little Kittens

1. Why are short stories good for kids? Why is a good story important?

The stories that children hear have a major impact on how they view the world. Sharing stories with children can impact culture and gender norms, educate them with new viewpoints, provide insight, and help them with knowledge. These stories can come from books, podcasts, or personal experiences.

2. Why did the kittens rush when they saw the dog? 

As the dog used to scare the kittens, and they're so young and fragile, they fled when they saw the dog. Therefore, anytime those little creatures saw the dog, they were terrified and would flee to protect themselves without even trying to fight back. They worried that the dog might hurt them.

3. What came in the path of the little kittens when they ran?

Many objects crossed the kittens' path as they ran, yet they persisted in moving forward. They first encountered a bird, then a young boy. They then encountered the dog, with whom they ultimately became good friends.