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The Emperor’s New Clothes

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The Story of the Emperor who Loved New Clothes

The emperor’s new clothes story is about a king or emperor who loved to dress in new, fancy clothes. He would sometimes change his brand-new royal attire three times a day. One day, two cheats came to the emperor’s kingdom. Let us know what happens next.

The Emperor who loved to dress

The Emperor who Loved to Dress

Two Unknown Strangers Came to the Town

One day two unknown people came to the emperor's kingdom. They told everyone they were weavers. They said the kind of cloth they wove was the finest.

These cheats faked as weavers and said that the clothes were the best and finest. Only bright and intelligent people could see the magic attire. Moreover, the people who were not bright and the most excellent could see nothing.

The news spread quickly and reached the emperor’s ears. As the Emperors were always fond of new clothes, he thought, “I am the smartest and the most outstanding of all Emperors! Anyone can say that by how lavish and elegant I always look! I do not need to worry about silly magic.”

Emperor Decided to Meet the Weavers

So, the emperor decided to meet the weavers. As soon as the emperor reached the weavers’ shop, the cunning cheats started running from one corner to another, pointing at the piles of cloth on their tables. They exclaimed with pride, "Look at the colourful piles of cloth! Have you seen anything as colourful and bright as these? Look at these beautiful patterns!” The emperor was puzzled as he could not see any cloth in the whole shop. 

The Emperor, however, thought, "I cannot let anyone think that I am unable to see the magical clothing! Who knows if they may think that I am not smart and excellent!” Therefore, he said instead, “Yes! Yes! These are the most beautiful clothes anyone has ever seen!

The Emperor Decided to Wear New Clothes Made by the Weavers

The Emperor remembered that the Emperor’s grand parade, which was held annually, was coming soon. This was a very special day for the Emperor as, on this special day, everyone in the kingdom lined up to admire and cheer the Emperor as he walked by.  This year the emperor wanted new clothes finer than last year’s. So, he decided to make his outfit from the weavers’ magic cloth this year!

However, there was very little time for the parade. Could the weavers finish weaving the cloth in time? The two phoney weavers scowled, acting as if they were not sure if they could complete the fabric in time. Then they smiled and said they could make him the finest outfit, but it would cost extra gold coins.

The Emperor paid for all of it. The cheats took the gold coins immediately but did not buy any material for the cloth. All they bought were some candles they burned in the windows at night. That way, everyone would think, “Look! The new weavers are working all night to get the Emperor’s new clothes ready in time.”

The Emperor Still Could Not See any Outfit

The Emperor arrived at the weaver’s shop on the morning of the grand parade. He felt convinced that this time he would surely see the magic clothes. But the Emperor still saw nothing!

The emperor thinks he is wearing a grand outfit

The Emperor Thinks he is Wearing a Grand Outfit

Soon, it was time for the Emperor to get dressed in the new clothes; the cheats said, “These clothes are so lightweight and airy, it feels like you are wearing nothing at all.” The Emperor also thought it appeared precisely that way! Because when he looked in the mirror, he saw that he was wearing nothing. However, instead, he thought that he must be wearing something exquisite.

The People Gathered to See the Emperor and His New Clothes 

At the Parade, the Emperor walked proudly. Everyone who saw the emperor pass by exclaimed, "I cannot believe what I am seeing! The Emperor is wearing nothing!” However, everyone stayed silent. They were aware that the magic clothes could only be seen by the intelligent and talented. Instead, they cheered, "There goes the Emperor! He seems fine, doesn't he?

Suddenly, one little kid called out, “Look! The Emperor is wearing no clothes!” Everyone gasped. Another child yelled, "Look, he is wearing absolutely nothing!"

The People Started Laughing

Then someone started laughing. Then someone else started laughing. Someone in the crowd said loudly, “Would you look at that? Our Emperor is wearing nothing.” Everyone laughed loudly at the emperor’s invisible clothes that made him look naked. 

The Emperor thought, “Oh no! Everyone will now know that I could not see the cloth! They will know I didn’t speak up as I was afraid of what people would think of me.” However, the Parade must continue. So, the Emperor did not stop and continued walking. The servants also continued to hold the Emperor’s Train high even though there were no.


So, this is the story of the Emperor’s new clothes. Did you learn a lesson from the story? You should always act honestly and never follow what everyone is doing. This story teaches you that when you feel something is wrong, be quick enough to act on it. Never wait for someone else, or someone else will find the mistake later. Another lesson you must follow is not to care about what others think about you.

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FAQs on The Emperor’s New Clothes

1. What lesson can be learnt from the tale "The Emperor's new clothes"?

The lesson from the tale "The Emperor's new clothes" is that one should trust their judgement and be honest about it rather than following the advice of others and regretting it later. 

2. Why did everyone act as though they could see the clothes?

Everyone pretended they could see the clothes because the weavers said that only fools could not see them, as they did not want others to think they were fools. The king did the same thing and paid the gold to the cheats. 

3. Why did everyone laugh at the emperor?

Everyone laughed at the emperor because everyone expected him to be in new fancy clothes but saw him naked. The emperor also knew he was wearing nothing but kept walking in the parade. The fear that people might think he is not smart led to such a situation.