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Unity is Strength - The Spirit of any Strong Group

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A Short Story on - Unity is Strength

Unity is said to be one of the most crucial values in anyone’s life. We all should stand united with each other. But how does being united help us to be strong? We will know that from a short story. 

But before that, do you know what is meant by ‘unity’? Unity means standing together. Now let us see in our story how Mitali gets stronger after her friends stand united with her.

Unity is Strength - Short Story of a Mitali

In Lily Valley, there lived a hardworking lady called ‘Mitali’. Mitali was a quiet lady, she did not interfere and wasn’t involved in any one's business, taking this advantage, her flatmates used to pass negative comments to her uselessly! She feared saying anything to them. Days passed by but the cruel flatmates did not stop. 

One day, Mitali’s friends came over for a house party, even during that time, her flatmates started insulting Mitali in front of her friends, the friends stood up for her and they all started retorting back to the flatmates, they even feared them by warning the flatmates that next time they will be calling the police. Now, here, you have seen the unity of a lady and her friends and how they fought the situation together, this is what unity is.

The moral of the story is that: Never use anyone’s quietness as an advantage. Stand together in unity. 

Now, let us go through the real-life stories on Unity is Strength.


Unity is strength

Unity is Strength

Learnings on the Unity is Strength for School Kids

The following things a school kid can learn from the unity:

  • We should always remember that “Unity is Strength” 

  • Unity is very important for any team or group.

  • When united, we can achieve our goal successfully.

  • With unity, we live our life happily.

  • Unity is oneness or togetherness

  • You need a lot of strength to break a heap of bricks, but it is easier to break a single brick.

  • A family is in unity when all the members stay together under one roof.

  • With unity, we celebrate all the festivals happily. 

  • Standing together we can solve any problem.

  • Unity does not care about which religion a person belongs to.

  • For the betterment of the country and countrymen, we need to stay united. By doing this each individual can make a contribution to the success of the country.

  • To assist the needy with a united effort is a must. If you're making a joint effort you could assist others easily.

  • Unity saves us from thieving, robbery, smuggling, and mischief.

  • You should avoid personal selfishness to become united and keep aside your disturbance with each other to become united.

  • Unity is an effective non-violence weapon that you could use to become successful in your life.

  • Unity has a brilliant value in every walk of life.

  • While we are united we get multiple ideas.

  • Only when we're united we are respected.

  • We must also be united so that we can reach great heights in our life.

  • When we focus on teamwork and collaboration brilliant things happen.

From the above text on the Unity is Strength Short Story and lines on the same, we understand the importance of unity and how unity strengthens us in every sphere of life. We must be in unity to be successful in every aspect of our lives.

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FAQs on Unity is Strength - The Spirit of any Strong Group

1. Where does unity and strength come from?

Unity is strength was derived originally from a Greek phrase that literally means power lies in unity and this phrase is attributed to Homer, going back to approximately 850 BC, that later appears similarly in the Latin phrase"small things flourish by concord", we find its usage in the Bellum Iugurthinum of Roman Republican.

2. Why did the flatmates of Mitali always passed negative comments to her?

Mitali was a quiet lady, she did not interfere with each other. The flatmates took advantage of her quiet nature and thus they started to pass negative comments to her.

3. Who stood with Mitali against her cruel flatmates?

Mitali’s friends stood with her in unity against her cruel flatmates.