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One of the Best Fables for Kids

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Introduction to the Miller, His Son, and the Donkey Story

A father and his kid are accompanied by their donkey in this fable, and they are constantly criticized by passers-by for the way they use and abuse the donkey. The point of the narrative is to demonstrate that everyone has an opinion, and no one can satisfy everyone.

The Miller, His Son, and The Donkey

A long time ago, an elderly miller and his son were on their way to market with a donkey that they intended to sell one day. They drove him carefully because they figured they would have a greater chance of selling him if he was in good shape. Some motorists laughed loudly at them as they walked down the highway.

"What folly!" exclaimed one, "to walk when they may just as well ride. The most inept of the three is not the one you might assume."

The Miller and Son with the Donkey

The Miller and Son with the Donkey

The miller didn't like it when his son was teased, so he told his son to get up and ride. They had gone a little further down the road when three merchants passed by.

They screamed out, "Oho, what have we here? Young man, show respect for the elderly! Get down and give the man the ride." To gratify the merchants, the miller ordered the youngster to get down and got on the donkey himself to ride, despite the fact that he was not exhausted.

The son is riding on the donkey

The son is riding on the donkey.

They passed some women carrying baskets full of veggies and other items to sell at the market.

"Look at the old fool!" exclaimed one of them. "While that poor lad has to walk, he’s perched on the donkey." The miller was irritated, but he agreed to let the boy crawl up behind him on the donkey.

They had just re-entered the highway when they were interrupted by a loud yell from another group of people. "What a crime!" exclaimed one, "to load up such a poor dumb beast! They appear to be more capable of carrying the poor creature than he is of carrying them."

Another speculated, "They must be on their way to sell the poor thing's hide."

The miller and his son dashed down, and the marketplace erupted as the two walked through with the donkey slung on a pole dangling from their shoulders. A large crowd rushed out to have a better look at the unusual spectacle.

The donkey didn't like being carried, but there were so many people pointing and laughing and shouting at him that he began to kick and bray. The ropes holding him in place gave way just as they were crossing a bridge, and he fell into the river. Miller, deprived of hope, started out sadly for home. By attempting to please everyone, he had failed to please anyone and had also lost his donkey.

The donkey, hung on a pole, fell into the river

The donkey, hung on a pole, fell into the river.

Moral of the Miller, his Son, and the Donkey Story

In this fable, a father and his child are accompanied by their donkey, who is continually admonished by passers-by for the way they mistreat and abuse it. The story's goal is to show that everyone has an opinion and that no one can satisfy everyone.

If you try to please everyone, you'll end up pleasing no one. It's natural for us to strive for others' favour, whether that means pursuing a respected career, following in the footsteps of our peers, or acting in specific ways. To comfort ourselves that we're doing the correct thing, we desire social recognition.

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FAQs on One of the Best Fables for Kids

1. What made miller and his son bring the donkey in the first place?

Miller and his son were going to the market to sell their donkey. They choose to lead it rather than ride it, in order for it to arrive fresh and therefore fetch a better price. Some people mocked them for not riding the donkey because that is exactly what a donkey is for.

2. What happened to the miller and his son's donkey?

The poor donkey was in a lot of pain and attempted everything he could to escape the pole. Finally, when they crossed a bridge, he yanked his legs free of the rope and fell to the ground. He was so terrified that he jumped from the bridge and drowned in the river.