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The Great Circus Escape Story

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Insights of the Circus Escape Story

Stories play an important role in the development and growth of a child. Gone are the times when stories used to be told just through storybooks. Today, teachers can narrate stories to kids with the help of the internet. In this article, we bring to you one of the popular short stories loved among school children called ‘The Great Escape Story.'

The Great Circus Escape Story

The ‘Great Circus Escape’ story is a popular story among young kids. The story is about an elephant running away from a circus she belongs to. She realises something great as she encounters a dangerous situation. Let us go through the story.

Billy was excited as it was the day of the circus. Billy was fond of the circus, the animals, and the people. At eight o’clock, Billy and his parents arrived at the massive red and white striped tent called ‘The Big Top’. “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!”, the ringmaster shouted in his loud voice. As the lights went up to the top of the tent, Billy noticed a man and a woman dressed in shiny clothes balancing on a huge swing, flying through the air.

Lion and the Tamer

Lion and the Tamer

Here Comes the Lion and the Tamer

“Ooooo!” screamed the people every time they flew. A door opened, and a bunch of six fierce and dangerous lions bounced into the ring. Billy watched as the lion tamer put his head in the biggest lion’s mouth. “Ooooo” shouted the people in horror and amazement. After, the lions came to the clowns in brightly coloured clothes and painted faces. The clown entertained the audience with lots of jokes and performed silly, funny things on the stage.

Finally, the elephants arrived in the ring. There were three giant grey elephants and one baby elephant. The small one performed a few tricks as it balanced on one leg. Then it looked up at Billy. “Hello, I’m Billy”, said Billy to the elephant. “I’m Minny.” the elephant responded.

Then suddenly, the small elephant turned around and ran towards the door of the tent. It moved out of the tent into the streets. All the people panicked as they rushed out of the circus tent, screaming, “Aagh!, The elephant! It’s escaped!”. Everyone got scared as they cried for help.

Minny was a very happy and cheerful elephant. It was the first time that she had been out of the circus! She ran along the main street toward the main square, feeling good and relieved to be free. She climbed into the big fountain where she came across the street and sat down in the water. 

People tried to walk by but Minny sprayed water at them using her huge trunk! “Oh, this is much more fun than the circus!” cried Minny as she was enjoying being relieved from the circus. With a curiosity to explore, Minny went along the street and into the big supermarket. All the people who saw Minny ran out of the supermarket shouting with fear!

Elephant on the Road

Elephant on the Road

Where did Minny Go?

Minny had a wonderful time. Minny came across a big house, but there was something strange about it. There was a red light all around the house. Minny got closer to the house, and then she heard the people in the house begging for help. Minny rushed into the garden opposite the house. 

There was a big pond full of water. She put her trunk in the pond water and held as much water as possible. Then she rushed over to the house and sprayed the water all over the house. She did this repeatedly and slowly, the flames reduced and the fire, was gone.

Minny spotted a small boy from the window. The boy opened the window, and then Minny carefully pulled him out of the house with the help of her trunk. “Minny! It’s me!”, he cried. “Hello, Billy,” said the elephant. “You saved me!” thanked Billy. “You are the bravest elephant in the world!” 

Billy’s parents came rushing out of the house. They all were shocked as they couldn’t believe what they saw! Billy was safe, and their house was secured and undamaged. All because of an elephant. The next day all the people in the town gathered outside the town hall. They gave Minny the elephant a special medal for her bravery. 

Billy rode around the square on Minny’s back, waving at all the people nearby. They went back to the circus to join the other elephants. Minny got so happy that she never wanted to escape from the circus again.

Importance of Moral Stories

Moral stories help children to cope with their feelings, emotions, and behaviour. They improve their understanding of the external world. Children get a better idea of the world around them by learning a lot of features about objects in society. Stories that are based on good morals help them with their own life experience and upbringing at a young age.


There can be many morals to a story sometimes. In this Circus Escape story, we see how brave Minny, the elephant, acts when she comes to know that a house has caught fire. She makes use of her trunk to spray water and move her friend Billy and the people outside. Then, finally, they made it out of the Circus Escape Room. Such good learning helps kids to develop good thoughts and emotions in the early stage of their lives.

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FAQs on The Great Circus Escape Story

1. What makes the Great Circus Escape story interesting?

At first, Minny escapes the circus to feel relief in the outside world, away from her family. But when she encounters a dangerous situation, she shows her bravery and saves a family’s life. That is when she feels so joyous that she returns to her family again in the circus. 

2. What do you think about the circus using animals for entertainment?

Animals should never be caged and used for entertainment. These circuses should be banned as there are many other ways of entertainment. This is against the fundamental rights of animals, they belong to their natural habitat, i.e. jungles, and their habitat should never be destroyed. 

3. Are there any similar stories for kids?

‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf, ‘The Fox and the Grapes’, and ‘The Golden Touch’ are some of the short stories with good morals.