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The Old Woman Short Story

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Short stories with good endings deliver excellent life lessons to the readers. Children will learn these lessons from ‘The Old Woman Short Story’.

  • Unity can bring down the biggest foes.

  • Courage and bravery can go a long way.

The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe: A Short Story

This is an old fairy tale that describes a woman who lives in a shoe with her 12 children. The story explains how her husband was taken captive by a giant who destroyed their house. The children decided to take revenge. Did they succeed? What happened to her husband? What happened to the giant? Find out by reading this interesting story.

The Story of an Old Woman Living in a Shoe

There was an Old Woman who lived in a shoe. She lived there with her 12 children. A giant took her husband away as a captive and also destroyed her house.

The woman took care of all her children. The eldest one made a house of the giant’s old shoe. The woman told all the children not to go looking for their father, or they would end up in the same way. Michael was the name of the eldest son. He decided to save his father no matter what. He hatched a plan with all the other children.

The woman and her twelve children living in a giant’s shoes

The Woman and Her Twelve Children Living in a Giant’s Shoes

Michael’s Plans

Michael told her brother Peter to make shields while he made sharp swords. All the 12 children marched to the castle of the giant. They left their house when the mother was not present. When they approached the gate, a page greeted them.

He said, “Your father is in the cell inside, and it is guarded by a dragon. Be very careful.” The brother entered the castle and found a dragon sleeping. Michael killed the dragon and moved forward.

To their surprise, he found his father was chained inside the cell but was not in good condition. They also saw the giant sleeping. He entered the cell and carefully broke all the chains to free his father without making a sound.

The Old Woman and the Witch

The old woman returned to her house and found no one. She was in utter grief, thinking that the giant might have taken them all.

She was crying profusely when a witch approached and listened to her story. She decided to help the old woman and took her on a broom.

The witch cast a spell that covered the giant’s feet with painful corns. The giant screamed and ran. He found his shoe in the forest converted into a home. He put on the shoe in anger but fell.

The children were following the giant. The moment he fell, Michael pounced on him and stabbed him with his sword. Peter shot arrows as many as possible to injure the giant.

The Reunion of the Family

The giant could not get up as he was seriously injured. Michael did not wait. He immediately killed the giant and took revenge.

The eldest son killing the giant

The Eldest Son Killing the Giant

His mother reached the spot with the witch. The family thanked the witch. The witch praised the children for their bravery and a good plan.

The family was reunited, and everyone was happy. The children then made a big house together with their father. They lived happily ever after.

Moral of the Story

According to The Old Woman Short Story summary, we can conclude that bravery and courage can make us overcome any kind of situation. No matter how big the problem is, it will not last long if we make the right plan and stick together.

Tips for Parents

Parents can download The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe Story PDF and read this story to the children. They can use pictures to illustrate the story and make it more interesting. Students will engage more and understand how family members can overcome tough times by sticking together.

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FAQs on The Old Woman Short Story

1. Why did the old woman stop her children from rescuing their father?

The old woman thought she had already lost her husband. She did not want to lose her children too. This is why she forbade her children to go near the giant’s castle.

2. Who killed the giant?

The brothers injured the giant, and Michael was the one to end his life finally.

3. Who is the page?

According to An Old Woman summary in English, a page was a little man who worked for the cruel giant. He was not happy with the giant’s actions.


Short stories with good endings deliver excellent life lessons to the readers. Children will learn these lessons from ‘The Old Woman Short Story’.

  • Unity can bring down the biggest foes.

  • Courage and bravery can go a long way.