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The Ant and the Grasshopper Full Story: Classic Bedtime Stories for Kids

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The Ant and the Grasshopper Story PDF from Aesop’s Fables with Pictures

There are a lot of classic bedtime stories for kids that we grew up listening to and also learned from them. There is a beautiful story on grasshopper and ant that will never become old. We have narrated the ant and the grasshopper story for kids in the simplest and most engaging manner. We can totally vouch that your kid will absolutely love it. And who knows that this wonderful The ant and the grasshopper short story won’t become your kid’s favourtite story in no time! This story can impart some good morals in your kid. 

The Ant and the Grasshopper Story PDF

Once upon a time, a grasshopper and an ant used to live by the river meadow. During the summer season, when the ants were busy collecting the food grains from the farmer’s field, the grasshopper was spending his days in laziness. 

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The grasshopper noticed that the ants were constantly marching back and forth from the farmland to their larder all day long while carrying the food grains in a well-balanced way on their back. They would work really hard from dawn till dusk repeating the same task. This incident made the grasshopper wonder about the ants’ toiling too hard throughout the summer.

On the other hand, the grasshopper was spending his summer days in utter laziness and merry-making. He was very happy singing and dancing around while he also asked the ants to join him in merry-making. But the ants refused and continued with their task. This would make the grasshopper laugh louder and he would even mock the ants for toiling so hard as he said that there is enough food for the entire summer season. 

Listening to this, an ant suggested the grasshopper collect the food for the winter. “Hey grasshopper, I am saving the food for the winter season. It helps me when the snow falls and we cannot find any food outside. I suggest you also save some food for you for winter,” the ant said. 

The grasshopper then had a hearty laugh and replied, “Winter is not here yet, and when it comes, I am sure I will be able to find some food.”

Days passed by like this and then winter came one day. Everywhere snow began to fall and everything got covered in deep snow. The lake was frozen. There was no sight of food anywhere. 

The entire situation became very difficult for the grasshopper to find food and shelter. He could not sing or dance anymore or make merry as he was struggling hard for survival. When he couldn’t bear the hunger anymore, he recalled how the ants were working the entire summer to gather food for the winter. 

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Hence he decided to visit the ant without finding any other way. He went on and knocked on her door. When the ant opened the door, the grasshopper urged her to give some food and shelter. “I am feeling very hungry. Please share some food from your stock,” he said.

Realizing the difficulties, the ant politely shared some food with him. To which, the grasshopper felt utterly thankful. At the same time, he also realized the sheer importance of gathering food the entire summer. 

He learned a very valuable lesson and understood how important it is to work hard and save up food for the winter season. 

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The Ant and the Grasshopper Summary

In short, there was a grasshopper who spent the entire summer singing and dancing while the ants toiled harder to collect food for the winter. The grasshopper mocked the ants for their hard work. When winter approached, the grasshopper found it very difficult to survive without any food or shelter. Then he had to go to the ants’ doors and beg for food and warmth. That’s how the harsh reality taught a very valuable lesson to the grasshopper so that he would not become lazy in the future. 

Ant and Grasshopper Story Moral

According to the ant and the grasshopper full story, we have learned that one must work hard in present in order to enjoy long-term benefits in the future. In nutshell, there is no other way than working hard to succeed in life. Besides, it is also never too late to realize one’s mistake and rectify it on time. 

Like the ant and the grasshopper story with pictures PDF provided above, we at Vedantu provide many other amazing classic bedtime stories for the children along with fairy tales, poems, quizzes, Maths worksheets, and many more. Don’t forget to explore our website for more information and let your kid delve into the fun world of learning.

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FAQs on The Ant and the Grasshopper Full Story: Classic Bedtime Stories for Kids

1. What did the grasshopper learn from the ants in the grasshopper and ant story?

In the grasshopper and ant story, the grasshopper learned quite a valuable lesson from the ants that working hard today will surely reap benefits tomorrow. There’s no shortcut to success except hard work.

2. What was the grasshopper’s attitude toward the ant during the summer?

The grasshopper spent the whole summer mocking the ants while the ants were busy collecting food for the upcoming winter. He was very ignorant of the ant’s hard work and wasn’t able to foresee the trouble.