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The Bird and The Tortoise: Animal Stories for Kids

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An Introduction to The Bird and The Tortoise Story

Do you love reading stories about animals? Would you like to read short stories about the tortoise? If it is a yes, then in The Bird and the Tortoise story, we learn the lesson of not showing off our things and being satisfied with everything God has given us. Let's read this story and learn valuable lessons to implement.

The Bird and the Tortoise 

Once upon a time, there was a bird and a tortoise. The tortoise was relaxing under a tree on which a bird had set up its nest. The tortoise tells the bird, “What a dumpy residence you have! It is made of broken branches. It has no rooftop. What’s inferior is that you had to build it individually. I think my residence, which is my carapace, is better than your miserable nest”.

The bird replied, “Of course, it is made of broken branches, looks dumpy, and is open to the components of the natural world. It is unpurified but I like it, built it, and loved it”.

The tortoise replied, “I estimate it is just like any other nest, but cannot beat mine. You must feel invidious by my carapace”.

Conversely, the bird replied, “My residential home has an area for my friends and for my family, your carapace cannot put up anyone other than you.” The bird then cheerfully added, “Perhaps you have a better house but I have a better home.”

Tortoise and the Bird

Tortoise and the Bird

Moral of the Story 

“A packed hut is better than a detached building".

From this story, we learn that we should never be confident about our assets. We should never show off to the poor or deprived people. 

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FAQs on The Bird and The Tortoise: Animal Stories for Kids

1. How is a bird's house different from a tortoise’s house?

Bird’s house is a nest that is situated on a branch of a tree, made up of little broken branches whereas a tortoise house is its carapace which is present on its back and it is more strong than the nest. Tortoise can easily take his house with him but the bird can’t do it. 

2. Why did the bird say this to the tortoise,” Perhaps you have a better house but I have a better home”?

The bird said, “Perhaps you have a better house but I have a better home” to the tortoise because a home is a place where everybody lives together. A house is made home when all family members use to live there happily with love whereas a house is only a building without the love of family like a tortoise carapace, only a tortoise can live in it without its family.