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The Princess on the Glass Hill

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Overview of This Grimmy Fairy Tail

The princess on the glass hill story is a beautiful fairy tale and a popular story that will surely take you on a ride to a dreamy world where a simple village boy meets a shiny beautiful white horse that was carrying armour. The white horse helps the boy in escaping the princess sitting on the glass hill.

In the end, he is able to bring the pretty princess back from the glass hill and they both get married and also win half of the king’s kingdom.

The Princess On The Glass Hill

The Princess On The Glass Hill

The Princess On The Glass Hill Story

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who owned fifty acres of land. He had three sons and used to live happily with them.

But from the last few years he was facing a problem, each mid-summer on St. John’s night, his cultivated crop was completely eaten down to the ground! 

Next year during the summers he decided to discuss it with his sons and ask them for help as he was afraid that something would eat all his crops again. Therefore they thought that guarding the field at night would be a great idea. 

So his oldest son Jim went to guard the field at night, but got scared and ran back as he heard a very loud noise. The next night his second son Otis went to the field to guard it but the same incident happened to him as he heard the loud scary noise and came back.

Finally, the youngest and the most good-looking son named Boots went to guard the field, who fearlessly followed the scary loud noise, and there he saw a beautiful shiny white horse with a bronze armour suit on his back who was eating the crops. Boots patted him and offered him a cube of sugar to stop him from eating the crop. The horse ate the sugar cube and dropped the bronze armour suit and quickly went away. Boots decided to keep it a secret and buried the armour in the field. 

The Beautiful Shiny White Horse

The Beautiful Shiny White Horse

Next year in the middle of the night while boots were guarding the field he saw the white horse again, this time the horse left a silver armour. And the year after that the horse left a gold armour in exchange for the cube of sugar.

Suddenly there was a day when the King made an announcement in the village and now this is the time when the beautiful princess enters the story. 

The announcement was that whoever will climb the glass hill and rescue the princess who was sitting on top of it with three golden apples will be lucky enough to marry her and win half of the kingdom as well. 

Many of the men from the village tried to climb the glass hill but failed. Even Jim and Otis also tried but slipped and fell badly. 

Boots thought to give it a try but both of his brothers discouraged him and didn’t let him do so. But then a horse rider in a bronze armour suit appeared riding on the beautiful white horse climbing the mountain, he reached one-third of the way but fell down. The princess was surprised and threw him a golden apple as an appreciation. 

The rider came back on the shiny horse with a silver armour suit this time and reached half of the way up but sadly slipped down again. And the princess throws another apple. 

The rider didn’t give up and came back in a golden armour suit on the white horse again and this time he was finally able to reach the top of the glass hill. The princess gives him the third apple and asks him to take off his helmet. And the boy was none other than Boots. 

Boots came back riding down the hill along with the princess and everyone welcomed them wholeheartedly. 

In the end, he gave all three apples to the king and was able to marry the princess while he also won half of the kingdom and lived happily ever after!

Boots And The Princess Getting Married

Boots And The Princess Getting Married 

Moral Of “The Princess On The Glass Hill” Story

“The princess on the glass hill”  delivers a simple yet ethical message that teaches the children to always be thankful and grateful for all the little as well as the big things that come on our way throughout life because we never know how they may help us or impact us in future. 


The princess on the glass wall summary will take you to a dreamy land. It is an interesting story of a village boy and a princess and how they both get married.  The shiny white horse and the armour he gives to the boy play a big role in this. It’s not just a story with a fantasy ending but it does give a good message to the readers. This story teaches children to never give up and try their best to achieve any goal that they truly want. 

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FAQs on The Princess on the Glass Hill

1. What does the “Boots” character in the story teach us?

Boots’ dedication and his smartness in using the white horse and the armour suits helped him to climb the hill. So he teaches us to try our best even if people try to demotivate us.

2. What are the characteristics of a horse in this story?

The horse that is described in the story is a beautiful, shining, and white-coloured horse. That beautiful shiny white horse who was carrying bronze armour on his back used to eat the crops on the field at night. 

3. Why is storytelling important for children?

Storytelling is a fun way to help your child learn new words, and gain knowledge and values in an interesting manner. It also makes them develop empathy and communication skills.