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The Quarrel Between The Body Parts Story

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Introduction to The Quarrel Between The Body Parts Story

A humorous account of how each body part is used is given in this story. Children like using their hands, mouths, noses, ears, and eyes to interact with objects here. This story discusses the many senses we possess and demonstrates how these bodily functions will work.

The Quarrel Between the Body Parts Story

The Quarrel Between the Body Parts Story

Different organs make up a human being. He possesses an interconnected head, two arms, two legs, and a stomach. When all of these organs are functioning properly, man is capable or healthy. If even one body part quits working, life will not continue as usual.

The Story

It is Story Time

It is Story Time

This is the quarrel between the body parts story for children. A disagreement once arose amongst the body's components. In actuality, the stomach on one side was lined up against the hands, legs, and feet on the other, as well as the mouth, teeth, and tongue. The stomach had received special attention. 

The other sections believed that while they were all working, the slow stomach did little more than store the food and eat it. It kept greedily requesting ever-increasing amounts of wonderful food.

First of all, I work all day long, the hand declared. Never relax because the stomach is idle."Relax, relax, relax!" "The true problems are us," the legs argued. Who is responsible for carrying the weight of this glutton bag stomach if we have to perform all the legwork? Yes, my dear brother! He consumes endless amounts of food, adding to our strain. Brother, the tongue proclaimed. 

I don't feel any better than you do. Keep in mind that I have to bring down all the food my stomach requires. He craves hot, sour, and spicy food and gets burned. Is justice being served?

The tongue uttered: "Brother! I don't feel any better than you do. Keep in mind that I have to bring down all the food my stomach requires. He requests hot and spicy food, and I get burned. Is justice being served?" The gut reasoned, "Friends, you seriously misunderstand me.I work a lot in silence."

The Quarrel Between the Body Parts

The Quarrel Between the Body Parts

A leg talked, "Work in silence, my foot! I'm familiar with the grumbling noises you make when you're angry." One leg murmured, "It's enough already. I'll stop carrying anything for the stomach. " 

The teeth declared "We won't chew stomach-filling food. Why should we continue to crush ourselves down to feed the stomach of an idler? What do we eat when it receives the treats? toothaches and gum issues! I'm done." The lips uttered: "I will no longer act as the stomach's entryway for food. I'm done now!"

The legs are quite moving. Only the thumbs were used by the hands. Food was not chewed in the mouth. The tongue simply spoke. The body's functions stopped functioning. Despite its discomfort and hunger, the stomach was helpless. The outcome was most likely terrible.

Starvation affected the entire body. There was a crippling weakness across the entire body. "Oh goodness!" the legs cried. We are completely exhausted. Now we are unable to support ourselves. We are no better, brothers, the hand said. No task is currently manageable for us. 

I'm dying for all those wonderful tastes I used to appreciate, the tongue wailed. We're sick of sitting around, remarked the teeth, who were also dejected. To maintain our health, we need to chew and grind. Jaws should also be exercised. There is a way out, the mouth said. We need to put our strike behind us and get back to work. A good of us all is there. Thus, the strike was over. Relieved, the stomach let out a sigh.

The Parts in the Body Became Friends

The Parts in the Body Became Friends 

All of the body's organs recovered their health within a short period of time. One day, my stomach said, "Do you still think that doesn't work? Oh, I guess I'm a slacker. We never see you working, the mouth remarked. That confuses us. "Stomach!" the right leg commanded. What do you really do?

"The stomach said," "The legs carry us to where we can eat. The hands work to earn that food. The teeth chew the food before letting the tongue roll down the throat. I break down that food and provide the nutrients to the blood. The blood carries those components back to you so that you can continue to live healthily."


The sum up of this story would be that cooperation is the key. Consequently, the body represents our democratic society. Learning to cooperate requires developing the capability to take one's own needs and desires against those of others. It is a skill that one must learn. True collaboration is a give and take between individuals that results in a solution that both people can support.

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FAQs on The Quarrel Between The Body Parts Story

1. How did the stomach respond compared to the rest of the body and?

Once, the Body's individual components revolted against the Belly. They told the Belly, "You exist in laziness, and never do any work; while we not only have to perform all the difficult work that needs to be done, but are essentially your slaves and have to attend all your needs.

2. What are the basic parts of the body and what purposes serve hands?

The whole of the human organism, including all the live cells, tissues, and organs, is made up of both living and nonliving parts. The head, neck, chest, arms, and legs make up the outside components of the human structure.

Hands can scoop, carry, push, pull, and pat. They can point, wave, and use a variety of other motions and signs. A hand can pick up small objects and use tools with the opposable thumb. The sensation of touch is another crucial function of the hands.

3. What role does our stomach play?

Stomach serves three purposes: First is “Put food away for later”. Second is “To combine and break down food, tighten and relax”. Third is “Create cells with particular functions and enzymes to aid in meal digestion”. These three processes include digestion which is performed by the stomach.