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The Lion and The Fox Story

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Introduction to the Story

This is the story of a fox and an old lion who lived in the middle of the forest. Due to the growing age, the lion felt very weak, day by day.

Lion and fox

Lion and Fox

An old lion feigned to be ill because getting food was harder for him now that his fangs and claws were worn out than they had been when he was younger. He made sure to inform all his neighbours before lying down in his cave to await guests. Let’s see how the lion gets his meal and how many visitors come to see him.

The Lion and The Clever Fox

A lion used to roam a deep woodland, but as he is growing old by passing each day, now he spends a lot of time in his den with his wife, waiting for visitors to see them. Due to illness, the lion was unable to get food. So, he used to eat the guests who came to see them.

lion in jungle

Lion in Jungle

One day his wife informed him in the morning that his breath was nasty and awful. Hearing that embarrassed and infuriated the lion. He wished to confirm this information with others. He, therefore, summoned three others from outside his cave.



The sheep arrived first. "Sheep, tell me if my mouth smells unpleasant," the lion asked, spreading his mouth wide. The sheep responded, "Yes, Friend," thinking that the lion desired an open response. Your breathing seems to be off in some way. The lion did not appreciate this straightforward language. The sheep was killed when he jumped on it.

The wolf was then called. The lion asked, "What do you think? Have I had a terrible breath? Wolf observed what transpired to the animals. He wanted to respond to a question with extreme caution. The wolf responded by asking, "Who says your breath is terrible? Its sweetness compares to that of flowers. The lion roared in rage at the response and launched an immediate attack, killing the wolf. The lion hissed, "The flatterer!"

It was the turn of the fox at last. The lion also questioned him. The fox was well aware of what had happened to the wolf and sheep. He continued to cough and clear his throat before stating, "Oh, Dear Friend, I have had a really nasty cold for the past few days. I am unable to smell anything because of this, good or bad.” The lion decided not to kill the fox.

Moral of the Story

We should avoid terrible company and poor situations if we don't want to suffer consequences without any fault. It's advisable to avoid certain circumstances at times.


In the story of “The lion and the fox”, when the king of the jungle, ‘the lion,’ became old, he decided to live with his wife in the den. Lion quit hunting and roaming in the jungle. As the lion became weak and old, other animals came to see the lion, and he used to eat the visitors. One day when the lion learned about the smell of his mouth, he decided to confirm it with three animals.

They came one after another. First, the sheep, then the wolf, and then the fox. The lion ate the sheep and the wolf. When the fox arrived, he was aware of the lion's question and the answers of the sheep and the wolf. So, the fox decided to give an answer that would help him to avoid this situation. This way, the fox saved his life.

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FAQs on The Lion and The Fox Story

1. What is the moral of the fox and the lion story?

The moral of the story is that we should not get involved in a bad company or a bad situation else we may end up getting punished for no fault of ours. 

At the end of the story, the lion decides not to kill the fox, and this end depicts the moral of “Avoid terrible companies and poor situations if you don't want to suffer consequences for no fault of your own”. It's advisable to avoid certain unhealthy circumstances at times. Sometimes, It's wise to stay away from certain situations. We have to choose the company of friends wisely with a good time to avoid the terrible consequences that can be faced in life.

2. What happens in the story of the old lion?

An ancient lion claimed to be ill because getting food was difficult for him as his teeth and claws were so worn out. He informed all his neighbours, then went to sleep in his cave while awaiting visitors.

He returned to his den and laid down there while acting ill, ensuring everyone knew about it. The animals conveyed their grief by coming one by one to his den, where the lion ate them all.

3. Why was it crucial for the lion to go back to his den?

Due to his growing age and ailments, the lion made a plan to get his food. He returned to his den, stayed with his wife, and laid down there while pretending to be ill so that everyone would know. Therefore, he decided to spend a lot of time in the den.

One day when his wife told him about the unpleasant smell of his mouth, he decided to confirm it through other animals, and he informed others to come to see him as he couldn’t go around due to his old age. This way, a few animals came to see him.