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Three Rich Men in a Village: A Village on the Road

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Village Story in English for Kids

Have you ever travelled? What did you see on the road? Perhaps toy shops, confectionery shops, stationery shops, or sometimes you might pass by your best friend’s house. But have you seen any poor boy or girl? Have you noticed them? Have you ever tried to help them? Well, here is a story of three rich friends. Read this to find how they helped the poor.

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Three Rich Men

Three Rich Men in a Village : Short Story for Kids

Once upon a time, three friends were travelling. They were very rich. They carried gold coins and jewels with them. They had their army to serve them. While they were going to their destination, they passed through a village. The people looked very poor. They had not enough clothes to wear; they wore torn clothes. Also, the children and older people appeared very skinny and severely malnourished.

All three rich people felt sad seeing their condition. One of them could not stop himself from helping them. He abruptly came out of his car. Then, he shared all the gold coins and jewels he had with the villagers. He then prayed for their good fortune and left.

The second person also went there. He had tears seeing their pathetic condition. He thought that the gold and jewels did not have any use for the villagers. So he shared all his food and beverages equally with the villagers. He felt very proud as he thought that he gave the villagers some food that would last for at least a couple of days.

Then he returned to his friends. Two of them waited for the third to go, and help the needy. But, he did not take a step and asked them to sit back. It surprised them. Both of them thought how cruel he is! They sat back in the car and continued their journey.

On the way, the rich man thought about how he could help those poor villagers. He tried to find a way so that they can get rid of poverty. He had an idea! When they reached the destination, he did not take any rest. He went out and bought farming equipment, sacks of seeds and grain with all his gold and jewels.

After a few days, they were returning to their home. On the way, when they again crossed by that village, the third rich man stopped the car. This time, he got out of his car. He took out all the equipment and seeds from his car. Both of the friends were surprised and felt sorry. All three friends came together and distributed all items equally. They also shared the best practices to obtain high-quality crops.

Then, they all came to their home happily.

Moral of the Story

This beautiful village story in English teaches us that we should help each other. Though money and materialistic things help a person to live life happily, they are temporary in nature. To help a person settle in life, we must help them find a way to earn their living. And, it gets better by sharing valuable experiences and time.


The story ended on a very peaceful and satisfactory note. All three friends were relieved as they ensured the poor people of the village had some food that would last for a few days. Each of them tried their best to help the villagers and ensured a better life for all. To read more such interesting stories, visit our website. 

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FAQs on Three Rich Men in a Village: A Village on the Road

1. What did the three rich men see when they were travelling?

When the three rich men were travelling, they saw a village. The people of that village appeared very poor. They wore torn and dirty clothes. They were skinny. Their condition was pathetic, and that made each rich man help them. One by one, all three fellows helped them.

2. What is the moral of the story “Three Rich Men in a Village”?

The story teaches us that the best act of kindness is to give our time and share valuable experiences. Also, we must not seek any kind of return for our actions. If we see any person in poor condition, first, we must identify their actual problem and help them in the best possible way.