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Ghost Stories That Won’t Let you Sleep!

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What are Ghost Stories?

Have you ever wondered what a ghost is? What are ghost stories? As a child, you also get the pleasure of knowing new things.

Ghosts are nothing but souls without bodies, which appear and make their presence known to the living people. Ghosts are mostly not visible; they are felt. In our country, children are often warned by their elders in the name of ghosts to behave properly or study. As a kid, they get scared and do everything to stay away from the imaginary ghost but when they grow up they end up laughing at the idea.

Scary Stories for Kids in English

Some children like to listen to ghost stories but not all of them. Ghost stories work on a fictional mindset. Through this, we focus on one character and one grudge. There is no truth in these stories, but something is created with the thinking of some that it seems true as if it is a real incident. The stories of ghosts are also very thrilling. Many people and children are more curious about ghost stories. 

If you are looking for some ghost stories to read or narrate to your friends in the dark to spook them, we have you covered. Check the following scary stories specially crafted for you.

A ghost


A Ghost

A Halloween Story  for Kids

Halloween story for kids is a horror story in which there are evil spirits. Such stories scare children. Children are often like to read evil ghost stories. Let us read a ghost story below.

A ghost

A Ghost

A Scary Bedtime Story: Haunted House

Once a lady lived in an old house. Her neighbours told her that it was a haunted house, but the lady did not believe the neighbours.  When the lady was living in the house, she was happy to see that the house was completely furnished. She did not see anything move right in the house. On the day of the first night in the house, she got into bed in a very good mood. She was just going to sleep when she heard an odd sound, way off in some distance. It sounded like this: “My home, My home, My home.”

She tried to ignore the sound at first but she could not. Finally, she decided to get out of bed and investigate the sound.  When she opened her bedroom door, the sound became louder: “My home, My home, My home.”  

The lady walked down the hallway. Then the sound got louder: “My home, My home, My home.”

She headed downstairs very fast. Now it was even louder! “My home, My home, My home.”

And when she went into the dining room. It was so loud! “My home, My home, My home.”

The sound was coming from a corner of the room, she realised.

She walked in that direction. “My home, My home, My home.”

There was a chest of drawers in the corner. The sound was very dangerous now. “My home, My home, My home.”

The lady opened the top drawer. There was nothing there. “My home, My home, My home.”

She opened the second drawer. There was nothing there. “My home, My home, My home.”

She opened the third drawer. There was nothing there. “My home, My home, My home.”

Finally, the lady opened the bottom drawer, and there she saw something strange such that the voice stopped coming. It was a roll of wrapping paper in it!

Was it the roll that was speaking? Or Was it some ghost? No one could investigate the reason to date. If you could find out the reason,  let your friends also know about it. 

Haunted house

Haunted House


In the story mentioned above, the ghost is something present inside a paper roll making loud sounds at night. A ghost story is based on imagination rather than facts. Ghost stories are entertaining for kids as well as grown-ups.

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FAQs on Ghost Stories That Won’t Let you Sleep!

1. What was the mood of the lady when she entered the haunting house?

She was happy. At first, when she was crossing through her neighbours, everybody told her that the house was scary and she won’t be able to live in it. It’s a haunted house. But she ignored all of them and moved into the house. She was surprised after seeing the house. It was so neat and clean and well furnished. She did not see anything that could haunt her there. On the first night, she finished her chores and went to bed in a very good mood.

2. How did the sound “My home, My home” get stopped?

Everything was normal when the lady go to bed, suddenly an odd sound was heard by her, at first she ignored the sound realising it could be her illusion but then it gone louder and haunting it was “My home, My home”, she ran out of fear and started to check everywhere firstly she ran to the hall, and then sound got even louder, after that she checked downstairs, then the dining room, then walked to the corner and found chest drawers she opened one by one but nothing could find in the first two drawers after she opened the third drawer, she found a roll wrapping in the paper, and the noise stopped, but she was shocked and couldn't find the source of the sound.