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Smiley Shark Story for Kids

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An Introduction to Smiley Shark

This is the story of one the largest, toothiest yet the ever smiling, brightest, and friendliest fish, the Smiley Shark. Through this story, we shall learn why people should not be judged on the basis of their looks. How a person good at heart can still be misjudged by people. People tend to judge, discriminate and find fault in others which in turn only results in making up their minds to look for bad in people instead of good. So, without wasting time, let’s start the story of the smiley shark.

Smiley Shark

Smiley Shark

Smiley Shark Story

Every day Smiley Shark saw other lovely fish dipping, diving, and moving around carelessly and enjoying their day foolishly in the deep blue ocean. Smiley shark utterly wished to splash, splish, enjoy and make friends around with other fish, but whenever he smiled at them with his bright shiny teeth, they swam away from him leaving the friendly smiley fish sad.

Smiley Shark swam towards the Angelfish with eagerness to play and asked “Hey, Angelfish, come on let's play together?” Angelfish, clearly frightful of the smiley shark, was shivering in fear and swam away from him in a jiffy as fast as he could.

Smiley Shark and Small Fish

Smiley Shark And Small Fish

Nearby was a puffer fish blowing up bubbles of air, smiley asked in joy “Hey Puffer? That looks quite interesting, shall I join in?” But Puffer, fearful of Smiley, blew his body into a large balloon shape with spikes over it, one of which pricked the nose of our poor friendly smiley shark.

Meanwhile, Starfish was exaggeratedly moving around in fun on the ocean floor. Smiley Shark giggled “That looks fun!” Hearing this, the starfish with twirling movements ran away from the shark in a hurry out of fear. Still happy as he ever was, our smiling fish friend with his beautiful smile went on to greet nearby fishes. But everyone, including the Jellyfish, Octopus, and catfish, swam away from him as fast as they could in fear after seeing his long sharp teeth.

Due to this constant rejection by everyone, the smiley shark got disappointed and sadly cried in sorrow “My big white teeth scare everyone.” He thought that he should stop smiling from now on.

A few days passed. One day over a distance, Smiley saw all the fish splashing, twisting, and shaking around recklessly. But he noticed something was very wrong this time. He was shocked to see that all the fish were trapped in the fisherman's net!

“Help! Help!” All the fish wept for help from the smiley shark. They cried “Help us, Please help us, Smiley!” 

Other trapped fish wailed “How in the world can he help? What can he possibly do?” Smiley shark swam round and round the net of the fisherman thinking in agony about how he could save his friends. The best he could do was smile with large white teeth.

Smiley Shark Scaring Fisherman

Smiley Shark Scaring Fisherman

And that's what he did, he smiled with his long sharp teeth at the fisherman. The fisherman got scared and wailed “I am going away from here” and dropped the net in the ocean waves as a result of which all the trapped fish got freed. “Hurrah!” Cheered every fish after being freed from the net of the fisherman. “Thank you, Smiley! You saved our lives today. Sorry for the way we behaved with you, you are truly a great friend.” said everyone.

Smiley Shark and Friends

Smiley Shark and Friends 

Ever since he helped his friends, Smiley Shark lived in the deep blue ocean every day swimming, dipping, twirling, dashing, darting, and splashing around with his new friends.

Moral of the Story

“Never judge someone by their looks only”. 


In this story, we saw how Smiley Shark was misunderstood just because of his looks. How he tried making friends with every fish around with good intentions but everyone feared him because of the way he looked and smiled. The story gives a lesson that we should not judge people by their looks. We should first understand their intentions and character. Accept every good person as they are irrespective of their looks, caste, race and religion.

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FAQs on Smiley Shark Story for Kids

1. What lesson does the story teach us about one not judging a book by its cover?

We must never judge a person by his looks as looks can be misleading. Forming judgments merely on the basis of seeing the surface is incorrect. It is because after taking a deeper look we can appreciate what the other person truly is. Through the story of Smiley Shark, we realise that the fish were wrong about him initially and that he was actually a friendly and helpful shark.

2. How does Smiley Shark save the other fish?

Smiley Shark smiled at the fisherman which scared him because Smiley had large white scary teeth. Thus, the fisherman dropped the net and ran away. In this way, the fish were released from the net and saved by Smiley Shark. 

3. What do you call a person who always judges others?

Judgmental is a negative word to describe someone who often rushes to judgement without reason.