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Story of Ruth and Naomi for Kids in English - Biblical Stories for Kids

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The Biblical Tale of Benevolence - The Story of Ruth and Naomi

The story of Ruth for kids is a fun tale that depicts the emotions of friendship and devotion. The story is an ancient tale; these tales are very interesting and are a great way to introduce kids to the themes of friendship and devotion to God. Short stories like the one mentioned in the article are also a very effective way to teach kids important moral lessons while having fun.

The story of Ruth for kids is mentioned in simple language and precise format which can help kids to better understand the story. Let us look into the fascinating tale of a young girl named Ruth.

The Tale of Ruth and Naomi 

Once upon a time, a small family moved from Bethlehem to Moab in hopes of better living conditions. Bethlehem had more food there than where they used to live. The family had four members, Elimelech, his wife Naomi, and their two sons.

They lived peacefully for some time but Elimelech died after a while.

The wife struggled to earn and raise her kids. As time passed by, her sons got married. Unfortunately they, too, died after around ten years. At the very least, Naomi had Orpah and Ruth, the wives of her sons, to keep her company.

One day, Naomi thought of returning to the town they used to live in. "I am going back to where I used to live, and I would like you to go back to your family where you used to live," Naomi informed her sons' spouses. Since they loved each other dearly and thought of each other as best friends, all of the women cried and hugged each other.

Naomi and her daughters-in-law

Naomi and Her Daughters-in-Law

Orpah was hesitant to leave Naomi, but Naomi assured her that she'd be well. In the end, Orpah went to return to her parents. Ruth, on the other hand, declined to leave no matter what Naomi said to her.

As a result, Ruth and Naomi travelled to Bethlehem. Naomi was fortunate to accompany Ruth because Bethlehem was a long distance away and Naomi could not have travelled that far by herself. Ruth didn't expect a reward; all she intended to do was help.

When they arrived, Ruth decided that she needed to do some work. It was harvest season, so she went out into the fields and followed the harvesters, picking up any barley that had fallen to the ground.

Ruth collecting barley

Ruth Collecting Barley

Ruth was on the farm when the farm owner came by to meet the harvesters. He inquired from one of the harvesters as to her identity.

"Everything we know is that she returned from Moab with Naomi." 

Boaz, the owner of the property, was a gentleman who believed in God.

When Boaz went to speak with Ruth, he told her, "Stay here with the other servant girls and don't go work in any other field. I'll make sure you're safe, and whenever you're thirsty, go to the water jars for a drink."

"Why are you being nice to me, I'm not from town," Ruth knelt and asked Boaz when she heard this.

Boaz's response was, "I'm aware of what you've done for Naomi; you've departed from your family and relocated to a nation you have never visited. May the Lord bless you for your generosity."

Ruth thanked Boaz and returned to her labour in the scorching heat. Boaz also instructed his workers to drop additional barley so Ruth might have more. Ruth took all of the barley homes with her and shared them with Naomi.

Finally, Ruth married Boaz, and everyone was overjoyed!

Moral of the Story of Ruth

The story of Ruth teaches us an important lesson about being kind to others. It was because of her selfless nature that Ruth got to marry the farm owner and lived a comfortable and happy life.

The story also teaches us about friendship. Naomi and Ruth shared a deep friendship. Naomi could have insisted on the ladies accompanying her, but she was selfless and wanted them to be able to return home to their families. Ruth, on the other hand, was a good friend because she understood that she should be the kind of friend God wanted her to be.

In conclusion of the article, the Ruth story is a fascinating tale of friendship between women who went through adversity together. Tales like these help kids to develop strong character. 

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FAQs on Story of Ruth and Naomi for Kids in English - Biblical Stories for Kids

1. Why did the family move to Moab?

Naomi, her husband, Elimelech and their two sons moved to Moab in hopes of building a better life for them. In the town of Bethlehem, they faced a scarcity of food. They lived happily in Moab for some time, but the husband died and within some years the son too died leaving Naomi and the daughters-in-law alone in Moab. 

2. Who was Ruth? What happens to her?

Ruth was the wife of one of the sons of Naomi. As the son died, Naomi asked Ruth to move back to her family but she insisted to follow Naomi to her hometown. In Naomi’s hometown, she worked in the barley field and later married the owner of the farm.