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The Gift of the Magi Story for Kids

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A Holiday Classic Tale for Kids

Our fondest memories of childhood are of the holidays that we spend with our families. Whether spending the day out with family or unwrapping gifts at Christmas, everyone has a fond memory of the holidays. One common thing that almost everyone shares while reminiscing about the holidays is the classic holiday tales. These tales are a fun way to enjoy time with family. Christmas tales like “The Gift of the Magi Story” is one such classic Christmas tale that demonstrates the holiday spirit and the love of the family.

The story follows a young husband and wife as they face the task of purchasing covert Christmas gifts for each other on a shoestring budget, a touching tale with a moral lesson about giving gifts. It focuses on the theme of selflessness, making it an ideal holiday narrative.

Let us look into “The Gift of the Magi Story” mentioned in the article. The story is written in a simple and precise format for a better understanding of kids. We hope that kids and parents will enjoy the classic tale and spend a loving holiday together.  

The Story - Gift of the Magi

Della and Jim had only been married for a year. They didn't have much money, and their living quarters were filthy. What the couple missed in luxury, they made up for in compassion.

It was Christmas the next day. Della only had 1.87 dollars to spend on a present for her beloved husband.

"What can I possibly buy with that?" she wondered.

She turned around and saw herself in the mirror. She took a step up to the mirror and glanced at herself. Her hair was long and lovely.

"At the very least, Jim adores my long, lovely hair," she added as she spun around.

Della suddenly realised what she needed to do. She hurriedly put on her cloak and exited the apartment.

Della looking at her long beautiful hair.

Della looking at her long beautiful hair

She dashed down the street to a shop that created wigs. "We purchase hair," read a placard.

Della inquired of the shopkeeper, "Tell me." "How much are you willing to pay for my hair?"

"Come inside and let me see that," the shopkeeper replied.

Della entered the shop and removed her cloak. Her long, thick hair tumbled to the ground.

"Oh, lovely!" exclaimed the shopkeeper, "I'll offer you 20 dollars for those gorgeous, long locks!"

Della could finally go shopping now that she had twenty dollars plus the 1.87 from before. She wondered what she should buy for her husband?

Jim's golden pocket watch has been his most prized possession in the entire universe. It had passed from his grandfather to his father and then to Jim.

When Jim was sure no one was looking, he pulled out his golden watch, flipped it over, and stroked it gently. Della was aware of it because she observed him doing it.

Della then came across the ideal present, a gold chain for his pocket watch!

She purchased the pocket watch chain for $21. Jim's pocket watch could not fall out of his pocket with that chain attached to it. And wouldn't Jim look wonderful when he pulled out his golden pocket watch and everyone could see the gleaming gold chain? She thought to herself.

As Jim returned home that evening, Della ran toward him to present him with the gift she had purchased. However, when he noticed his wife's short hair, he frowned instead of smiling.

"Oh, don't be concerned!" she exclaimed. "It doesn't take long for my hair to regrow."

He then handed his wife a tiny package before she could give Jim her gift.

Della unwrapped the knot. There were two lovely hair combs within! They were the identical ones she had admired in storefront windows hundreds of times.

Now she knew what her beloved husband had bought them as a present. Della then gave Jim her box. She said, "Now it's your turn."

Jim had to take a seat as he opened it and noticed the gold chain.

"Don't you like it?" his wife questioned. 

"Of course!" Jim exclaimed. "However, I had to sell my watch in order to purchase you the hair combs."

"And I had to sell my hair to get you the watch chain!" Della exclaimed.

Della and Jim after receiving the presents.

Della and Jim after receiving the presents

Both Jim and Della had sacrificed their most prized possessions for the sake of the other. They put their presents aside and sat down for a meal together.

Moral of the Gift of the Magi Story

The story teaches us the valuable lesson of loving and caring for others. In the story, both Jim and Della sold their most loved possessions in order to buy something beautiful for each other. The story is a great way to teach kids to be loving and kind to their families. The story also depicts that gifts or materialistic presents are not the only things that can give happiness, the true sense of happiness comes from sharing and devotion toward each other. 


The Gift of the Magi story is a classic Christmas tale. Reading the story to kids is one of the best activities that can be done during the holidays. The tale is not only interesting but has impactful important moral lessons. Kids can be taught the importance of compassion and sharing through this tale while having fun. We hope that the story fascinates kids and helps them in their overall development. 

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FAQs on The Gift of the Magi Story for Kids

1. Why was the pocket watch important for Jim?

The pocket watch was a family heirloom that was passed to Jim through generations. It was previously owned by his father and grandfather. Jim loved the watch because it reminded him of his forefathers. Also, the watch was very beautiful and he always took the utmost care of the watch. 

2. Why did Jim sell his watch?

Jim had a family heirloom, the pocket watch. He sold the watch because he wanted to buy presents for his wife. Jim belonged to a poor family and was short on money to buy the beautiful hair combs that his wife wanted. The only way he could gift the hair combs to his wife was to sell the watch. But later in the story, he came to know his wife bought a golden chain to hook the watch as a present for him.