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Good Luck to the Lucky One Or Shall I Fall Down: An Indian Folktale

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Good luck to the lucky one or shall I fall down teaches the kids that good luck is always bestowed upon fortunate people.

  • Teach the kids not to give up hope during times of adversity.

  • Teach kids to believe in their good fortune.

  • Teach kids to become calm and not be agitated when things fall apart.

Quick Introduction to the Story of Good Luck to the Lucky One Or Shall I Fall Down

The Story of good luck to the lucky one Or shall I fall revolves around a poor man who becomes rich because of his good luck. The poor man being forced by his adverse situation decided to live in the haunted house created by the wealthy man. Good luck is bestowed upon the poor man and he becomes rich. Read the good luck to the lucky one or shall I fall down summary available online for free?

Story of Good Luck to the Lucky One Or Shall I Fall Down in English

Once upon a time, there was a town where a Brahmin lived. The Brahmin wanted to build a spacious house. For the same purpose, he invited the soothsayer.

The brahmin fixed the place of making the house guided by the scientific opinion of the soothsayer.

There is a certain part of the day that is bad for doing good work. This part of the day is called Rahu Kala. The meaning of Rahu Kala is the evil time of Rahu tyajya. This time has to be avoided.

The brahmin built his mansion in 10 years avoiding all the evil hours. The first entrance into the new mansion is performed with a grand ceremony.

The wealthy brahmin wanted to please the Lord. Brahmin wanted to please the god of this world and the god of the other world. He spent a huge amount of money on this.

With the music surrounding the brahmin, he entered his new mansion. The whole day was spent in festivities and other ceremonies. The guest left the new house in the evening.

Brahmin was very tired and he decided to take a rest. When the brahmin began to sleep, he closed his eyelids and he heard a fearful voice. The voice said, "Shall I fall down?".

The landlord was very scared on hearing this. He thought that there was a devil who had possessed his house. He thought that the devil was about to pull the roof of the house down on his head.

The same night, he vacated the new house and decided to leave it. He went back to his new house.

Sirukakhaṭti perukavâḷka is known as a Tamil proverb. The meaning of the proverb is that small houses should be made without spending huge capital in making the houses uselessly. In the villages, the rich owner would prefer small houses in comparison to big ones.

The house was very spacious and the landlord thought that this was one of the main reasons for the devil to come into the house.

When the brahmin vacated the house, people started talking all about various scandals that night. The ladies in the ghats gave various colours to the devil in the house.

One of the ladies narrated a story. She said that when she was coming to the river, she saw a group of devils dancing around the pillars of the haunted house.

Another lady said that she had seen some unearthly lights in the house. People spread false rumours and talked about their imagination which they had never seen in reality.

Our unfortunate Brahmin decided to lock his house which he had built for so many days after spending a huge amount of money. Six months passed by.

In the same town, there was a poor brahmin who used to live. The brahmin was very poor and used to go from house to house begging for food and clothes. The poor brahmin had seven children.

He was constantly in a state of adversity because of his large family. He was unable to feed himself and his family properly. He did not have a proper house to live in.

There was a poor hut in the village which was in a bad condition. That hut was all the wealth that the poor man had. Winter was coming and the roof of the heart began to fall.

Brahmin decided to commit suicide because of the increasing miseries. Brahmin had heard about the haunted house. He decided to go there with his family and perish by the devils.

He did not tell anyone about his secret intention. One day he came to the owner of the house and asked him if he could live in his haunted house.

He told the rich brahmin," Winter is approaching and I have no place to live in. The roof of my hut has also fallen away".

The rich brahmin was very happy as his mansion which he had built after spending huge amounts of money would be used now. He told the poor man to live in the mansion for whatever time he wanted for free.

The rich man told the poor brahmin he can light a lamp in the mansion and live happily. The rich brahmin asked the poor man to try his luck in the haunted house.

He handed over the keys to the house to the poor man. The poor man took the keys and went to the haunted house to live with his family. The poor man also heard the same sound that night. He heard a devil saying, "Shall I fall down" twice.

The poor man was not scared and he resolved to perish with his children and wife. He said, "Fall down". When he said this, pagodas and golden mohurs started falling into the middle of the roof from the top. It continued to fall. The brahmin was very scared and thought that he would be buried under the golden mohurs.

The moment he saw wealth before him, his idea of suicide had been abandoned away. He said, "Stop Please" and the mohurs stopped falling from the top. He was very happy to see the good nature of the devil.

The good spirit had given him so much wealth. He collected all the mohur in one room and locked the room. His children and wife got up during the fall of mohur.

He told them about everything that had happened. The man told his wife and children to keep the matter secret and they did so.

They became very happy because of the good fortune that had been bestowed upon them.

The next morning, the brahmin converted all his mohur into money and purchased clothes and food for his family. He began to do this till a rumour was spread in the village about the brahmin and how good fortune was bestowed upon him.

This rumour reached the wealthy man. He came to the Brahmin and asked him about the treasure trove. The Brahmin told the entire story about the mohur falling to the rich man.

The wealthy man also wanted to witness the same. For the first time in his life, he slept in the room with the brahmin. In the middle of the night, "Shall I fall down?" was again heard by them.

The poor Brahmin said, "Fall down" and the mohurs began to fall. But to horror, they appeared as scorpions to the rich man. The poor man was very happy with the golden coins, they seemed to be scorpions to the eyes of the landlord.

The poor man said stop please and the mohur fall stopped. The poor man told the wealthy man to take the mohur to his house for his use.

The wealthy man started crying and told the poor man, "I have heard my father saying that good luck is bestowed upon fortunate people. I have discovered the meaning of this proverb today. I built the house and ran away when I heard the devil. I see your golden mohur as scorpions. I do not have the good fortune to see them as golden mohur. You are fortunate enough to see golden mohair".

The wealthy man gave the house to the poor man and came out because of the scorpions. Our poor man was no longer a poor man and became wealthy.

He became very well but he remembered the wealthy brahmin who had given him his mansion. He used to share a portion of his wealth every year with the wealthy brahmin.

The story explains the Tamil proverb- Madrishṭam uḷḷavanukku kiḍaikkum.

Golden mohars that had fallen down

Golden mohars that had fallen down

Moral of The Story of Good Luck to The Lucky One or Shall I Fall Down

This story like any other tale has a moral attached to it. The story teaches the kids to never lose hope and remain calm in adverse situations. Children should always believe in their good fortune.

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FAQs on Good Luck to the Lucky One Or Shall I Fall Down: An Indian Folktale

1. How long did the wealthy Brahmin take to build his new house?

The brahmin took 10 years to build his house.

2. What did the wealthy Brahmin hear in his new mansion?

The wealthy brahmin heard the voice of a devil which said, "Shall I fall down?".

3. Who asked to live in the mansion from the wealthy brahmin and why?

The poor man asked the wealthy brahmin to live in his mansion because he was very poor and the roof of his hut had fallen away.


Good luck to the lucky one or shall I fall down teaches the kids that good luck is always bestowed upon fortunate people.

  • Teach the kids not to give up hope during times of adversity.

  • Teach kids to believe in their good fortune.

  • Teach kids to become calm and not be agitated when things fall apart.