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The Adventure Story of Sinbad for Kids

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Let’s Read Adventure Stories for Kids

Adventure stories make for interesting reads, especially for kids. Everybody grows up having read about at least one fearless character on an amazing journey somewhere far away. Whether it's a fight for living or a hunt for a treasure. Adventure stories give a spark to your creative mind, moving you to interesting and exciting scenes from your home. You will feel so happy reading this story.

A small adventure story is not the same as a novel; such stories don't get the space to narrate the complete journey of the character, from start to end. What they truly do give you is a healthy amount of adrenaline by diving you and the characters into a wild, dramatic, but dangerous place, even for the shortest moment.

Sindbad - The Sailor

Sindbad, The People, and Diamonds

Sindbad, The People, and Diamonds

A long time ago, there lived a young man. His name was Sindbad. He was a good trader. He cruised all over the world and sold his goods. On each journey, he had some magnificent and thrilling adventures.

On one of the journeys, he went to China by ship with dates from Arabia. When he was returning, he was trapped in a storm, and his ship was swallowed by the waves. However, to his luck, he saw a broken-up wood from the destroyed ship close to him. He held the wood and got blacked out. When he awakened, he was in a strange land, on all sides of him. There were tremendous white-colored rocks, smooth and sparkling. He wondered and went close to the stones. He inspected and observed that they were the eggs of giant eagles.

Suddenly a huge eagle landed close to him. He was just the size of its toes. He was terrified and wondered how he could escape from the huge bird. All of a sudden, a few more birds also landed close to the eggs. He saw a few birds flying away. So he found a plan to get away. He slowly went close to a bird and tied himself to the toes of the bird by a rope.

Soon the enormous bird carried him after a little while, it arrived in a valley. It was the valley of precious diamonds. He immediately let himself from the bird. He saw diamonds and other jewel stones all over. Just then, a piece of meat fell close to him. Soon a gigantic bird picked the meat with Its beak. Sindbad then remembered the story of the valley, where people used to toss meat pieces into the valley.

Sindbad Collecting Diamonds

Sindbad Collecting Diamonds

The jewel stones got stuck on them and it was difficult to pull them out. The people used to give meat to the birds to keep them away from the diamonds. Then the birds took the meat to their home. The people made some plans to get them far away. They frightened the birds by beating drums. They gathered the jewels from their home and became rich. So Sinbad also thought to use the same plan to collect diamonds.

Sindbad packed up as many precious diamonds as he could. Then, he waited for another hawk. When it landed, he attached himself to its toes. Then, the bird flew home. Before long, he freed himself. The people were terrified to see him in the bird's home. Sindbad described what had happened to him.

When they heard the story of his adventure, they carried him to their boss. He was regarded by the boss. Sindbad boarded a ship cruising by. He went to Arabia and made plans for his next journey.

Moral of the Story

Believe in luck and good fortune but work hard.


In this article, we read the story of Sindbad, who was a sailor and had cruised around the world. Every journey thrilled him and excited him as there were ups and downs. His journey to China brought him a fortune in collecting precious diamonds. Writing a story like this could be great fun and exciting; you can also write a paragraph on an adventure by fantasising about your own. There are many adventure story writing examples which you can refer to by reading adventure books and watching TV series.

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FAQs on The Adventure Story of Sinbad for Kids

1. How does Sindbad’s fate turn into a fortune?

The enormous bird called 'Roc' changed Sindbad's fate. On his way, everyone decided to take a rest and have food. They all halted close to an island. Some of his dealer friends went looking for food while Sinbad remained back and went in the shade to have his food, and after eating, he rested for some time. 

On awakening, he realised that all of his other dealer friends had left the island, and he was all alone. He climbed a tree and saw something white in colour. He went to see what really that white thing was. When he went close to the white thing, he saw a shadow of an immense bird, and in no time, he understood that the white thing was nothing else but the gigantic bird's egg. When he left ashore on an island, the bird saved him by flying him to a valley surrounded by huge precious stones.

2. Why did Sinbad Tie the meat to himself?

The thought came to Sindbad that he could use the birds to escape from the valley. He gathered some of the biggest precious stones he could find, which he put in his wallet and attached to his waist. Then,  he attached one of the huge bits of meat to his back with his turban. Roc was a huge bird. The size of the bird could have frightened him in any case however, at that point, he kept calm, and without panicking and without hurting any of the birds, he left the place. If he doesn't harm birds, they help him to escape.

3. What work did Sindabad do?

Sindabad was a sailor, but soon his fate changed, and he became a rich person.

4. What special things is this adventure story about?

This story is about the most precious and expensive gem diamonds. Everybody wanted to collect the diamond and get richer.