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Awesome Short Story about Friendship with Moral

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Friendship Story of a Tree and a Parrot

This is one of the best and most interesting stories about friendship. The story is related to a tree and a parrot.

When Children read stories with great moral values, eventually they learn the importance of these moral values.

The Tree and the Parrot

The Tree and the Parrot

Read the story to know how they became friends and why their friendship is an example of true friendship.

Story of Parrot and Tree

Once upon a time, Bodhisattva was born as a parrot. The parrot was young so he started living on a fig tree with other parrots.

He made a home on the fig tree and began to live there happily. The tree was still young and the parrot was growing up there.

The Parrot sitting on the branch of the tree

The Parrot Sitting on the Branch of the Tree

The tree offered him delicious and fresh fruits to eat. The branches of the tree became thick with leaves as it has grown with time. These leaves provided shelter to birds.

The tree became fond of the parrot who lived in its shelter.

As time passed, the tree became old and stopped giving fruits and shades to the birds living on the tree. All the birds left that tree and went except the parrot.

The old tree asked the parrot why he did not leave it while others had gone. The parrot replied, “ You are my friend. You gave me tasty fruits to eat and shed. You are my home. I can not leave you when you become weak.”

The question was actually asked by Sakka, Lord Indra. Sakka was pleased with the answer of the parrot and came in his true form. He said to the parrot, “I am pleased with you. You can ask for anything that you desire.”

The parrot asked Indra to make his friend, the tree too young with fruits and leaves. Indra was very much impressed with the parrot and gave him what he desired.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is that we should not leave the side of our friends in bad times. True friends are always with their friends even when the time goes tough.

Conclusion of the Short Story about Friendship with Moral

The story is interesting to read as well as gives the important moral value of true friendship to our kids. So we should encourage kids to read such stories.

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FAQs on Awesome Short Story about Friendship with Moral

1. Why did the parrot not leave the tree?

The parrot did not leave the tree because he considered the tree his friend. He did not want to leave him alone in his bad times. The tree had provided him with fruits, shades and a place to live so he was grateful to the tree. 

2. What do you learn from the story of Parrot and Tree?

We learn true friendship from the story of the parrot and the tree. We should be with our friends in their good and bad times.