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The Secret Garden Short Story In English For Kids

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Such stories encourage readers to be more curious about nature and understand its beauty. 

They will also learn the importance of protecting the nature around us.

Introduction To the Secret Garden Short Story

This short story is very popular among short stories for kids. The secret garden short story portrays a little arrogant girl living in India with his rich family. Unfortunately, after the epidemic breakout, both her parents die. She is sent to her uncle's house where she discovers a secret garden that magically changes her behaviour and attitude toward everything. This tale describes the magical and healing effect of nature on humans.

The Origin of the Secret Garden Short Story

This interesting short story was a novel made especially for children. The Secret Garden Book was originally published in 1911, later on, many movies, story remakes, comic, and animation adaptations were made of the novel. The book was written and published by Frances Hodgson Burnett, an American author. This story is considered the best contribution of Frances to the literature world for children.

The Secret Garden Summary

The story revolves around an arrogant 10-year-old, Mary Lennox. She belongs to a British family and lives in India. Although after the Cholera epidemic both her parents die and she is sent to his uncle's place in England. Mary finds it hard to adjust in England, as she was pampered by several servants in India. However, she made friends with a chamber girl called Martha. Once Martha told Mary about her Uncle's secret garden. Mary gets curious and decides to find the secret garden. After a lot of toils, she manages to find a key, which she thinks belongs to her uncle's secret garden. After a few days, she also finds a hidden door. At last, she manages to find the secret garden, but it was in bad shape. She decides to cure the garden and starts gardening until she makes it perfect. While working in the garden her personality improves, she becomes kind and polite. Even her disabled cousin began walking suddenly as soon as he entered the secret garden. Seeing this her rude and carefree uncle becomes very happy and hugs the whole family.

The Secret Garden Story

Once upon a time, there used to live a little 10-year-old girl. Mary Lennox. She belonged to a British-Indian family and lived in India with her parents. Mary was very rude, arrogant, and selfish. She was always surrounded by servants who performed all her works. Her parents were very unloving and didn't care about her. Unfortunately, both her parents and most of the servants died in the Cholera epidemic. She was sent to her uncle's house in England. Her uncle Archibald Craven was a rich clergyman of England, also a widow. Archibald was a very rude and self-centred man. Most of the time he used to stay out of the house and travel for business work. Mary rarely saw her uncle. At his uncle's house, she was always locked inside her room by her overprotective housekeeper. She was told not to roam around the house or do any kind of mischief. Mary felt very sad and it was hard to adjust to her new environment. A few days later she met the young chamber girl and both of them became friends. The chamber girl used to tell some very interesting stories to her. One day while talking, the chamber girl told Mary about her uncle's secret garden. The Chambergirl told Mary that the garden was very beautiful, but it was hidden somewhere in the house. Mary was curious about the secret garden; she wanted to know more about it and visit it once. From that day she began to search for the garden. She began exploring the whole house while hiding from the housekeepers. She even enquired the oldest Gardner of the house, but even he knew nothing. Mary almost lost hope and was about to quit. Just then a swift eagle flew from her side and scared her, Mary began to follow the eagle and suddenly it dropped a key. The key was very beautiful and looked mysterious. After getting the key Mary once again started her search and finally found a secret door near a wall. She immediately took her key and opened the door. As she opened the door she was amazed to see such a big garden inside the door. Unfortunately, the garden was in very bad shape, all the flowers were dried and the bushes were overgrown. She felt very sad about the garden and decided to make it better. The next day, she began cleaning and planting flowers in the garden. She discovered that she likes gardening and spending time with nature. Each day her love for nature increased. This also led to another change, Mary's behaviour became better and better. She was becoming more polite, kind, and generous each passing day in the garden. One day Mary came across her cousin Dickens, he was a little 10-year-old boy. Dickens was physically disabled, as he lost his legs in an accident. Mary tells Dickon about the secret garden and invites him to the garden. As they walk toward the garden, Mary spots the chamber girl and invites her also. All three of them enter the garden and are amazed to see such a beautiful sight. Suddenly Dickens stood up and began walking, both of them were shocked and happy. Soon Uncle Craven came home and discovered the secret garden. He was also very amazed to see the beautiful garden. He also saw his son Dickon standing on his feet and walking. Carven was shocked and began crying out of happiness. He was very happy with Mary and hugged both of them in love.

Visual representation of The secret garden story

Visual representation of The secret garden story

Moral of the Secret Garden Story

This short story teaches us that we must spend our time with nature, exploring and embracing it. Nature is very beautiful and holds a very powerful relevance. It can change the tough nature of humans into calm and kind. For example, when Hellen Keller was taken to nature every day by her teacher, her behaviour underwent a big change. She became calmer and softer than before.

Note To Parents

This is a very interesting story loved by kids. It consists of thrill, mystery, and nature's beauty. It is important to tell kids about the power and beauty of nature. It would be best if this story is told to kids in a garden or park as it would make the experience much better.

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FAQs on The Secret Garden Short Story In English For Kids

1. Who was Mary Lennox?

Mary was a 10-year-old girl belonging to a rich British-Indian family in India.

2. How did Mary come to know about the secret garden?

The little chamber girl told Mary about the secret garden that belonged to her uncle.

3. What happened to Marry after discovering the secret garden?

After discovering the secret garden Mary became very happy and decided to renovate it.