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Tinkerbell Short Story

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Introduction to Tinker Bell

The story Tinkerbell is underappreciated. It has a lot of practical teachings that may be applied to everyday life. Tinkerbell is a twinkling fairy whose work is to make tools for fairies.

She wants to go to the mainland, but twinkling fairies are not allowed to go there. For instance, if you want to be something, your friends should support you in becoming that, not try to alter you. That was done by Tink's pals. As they were concerned about what might happen to her in the future, they didn't want her to change her talent.

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell

Laughing Baby

All fairies welcome a newborn fairy, who is born with a smile on her face. After fairy's birth, there is a ceremony in which the talent of the fairy is identified. An old fairy places water, light and flowers, but the moment a newborn fairy touches the three things, all things disappear.

Then fairies hand her hammer, and after touching the hammer, the hammer starts blinking. The newborn fairy is a twinkling fairy, so they named her Tinker Bell or Tink.

Twinkling fairy has the ability to make tools for nature fairies that make changes in nature and maintain nature with their tools.

Baby Tinker Bell

Baby Tinker Bell

Excited Place

One day Tink is practicing making tools, and suddenly her friend comes and tells Tinker that all fairies were preparing to go to the Mainland. Tinker became very happy after hearing the news and went to the nature fairies. But nature fairies told her that she was not allowed on the mainland.

From her childhood Tinker had heard the story of the Mainland, she heard from fairies how exciting the Mainland was. There are clumsies that are commonly known as humans living on the Mainland. Fairies travel there to alter the seasons. The Mainland is also home to a number of Fairy Camps. It also includes numerous nations, significant urban centers like London, and even little towns.

But now she knew that she was not invited to the Mainland as she was the twinkling fairy.

Beautiful Mainland

Beautiful Mainland

Toward the Mainland

It turned into the conversion of the seasons and each different sort of fairy has a massive part of the conversion and all of them get to visit the mainland. After Tinker Bell unearths out that she can no longer be capable of visiting the mainland, she desires to alternate her talent. She talks to her buddies about it, and at the start, they have been all hesitant however ultimately give in and attempt to assist Tink to discover new talent.

Tinker Bell with her Friends

Tinker Bell with her Friends

Search for a Solution

Tink is going to Vidia who's a wind fairy and Vidia offers her the mission to seize all of the sprinting thistles roaming the gardens. Tinkerbell accepts the mission. As seeking to seize the thistles, it ended badly via means of ruining the possibilities of spring coming to the mainland. Tink feels lousy and desires to assist. After being lectured upon via the means of Queen Clarion, she thinks of a manner to assist.

Tinker Bell with Vidia

Tinker Bell with Vidia

Fruit of Hard Work

The fairy council approved Tinkerbell's trip to the continent when all the hard labour was finished. Tink came to the conclusion that being a Tinker was who she was meant to be, and from this point forward, nobody would be able to convince her otherwise.

Tinker Bell Going to Mainland with her Friends

Tinker Bell Going to Mainland with her Friends


In fairyland, a new fairy Tinker Bell is born who is a twinkling fairy and has the ability to use tools that will be used by nature to change the season in the Mainland. Tinker also wanted to go to the Mainland but she was not allowed to go there so she visited Vidia. Vidia heard Tinker Bell's problem and gave her a task to complete.

Tinker completed the task given by Vidia and as a reward, she was allowed to go to the Mainland.

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FAQs on Tinkerbell Short Story

1. What is the Mainland?

On the Mainland, there are clumsies who are often referred to as humans. There, nature fairies go to change the seasons. Many Fairy Camps are located on the Mainland. Numerous other countries, large cities like London, and even little towns are included. In Mainland, Twinkle fairies are not allowed, but only their tools are allowed that help nature fairies make changes in seasons.

Tinker also went to the Mainland, but she was a Twinkle fairy, so she was not allowed to go to the Mainland.

2. Why was Twinker referred to as a laughing baby?

In a fairyland, all fairies come together to witness the birth of a new fairy. The new fairy was born with a smile on her face. Everyone was delighted by seeing a newborn fairy with a smile and called her a laughing baby.

The newborn fairy was a Tinker fairy who was perfect at making new tools and gadgets and wanted to go to the Mainland and change her destiny with her talent.