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A Smile Story

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Introduction to Smile Story

Once again, we have a new motivating story that will make you happy and keep a grin on your face. In this article, I'll tell you a wonderful tale about "how to put a grin on your face.” Are you ready?

Short Story on Smile

Once upon a time, a person was migrating to a new town and was unsure if he would enjoy it, so he went to a zen master and asked: "Do you believe I'll be able to love it in this hamlet? Is everyone friendly?"

The master responded with a question. "How did the folks in the town where you grew up treat you?" “They were obnoxious and selfish, enraged, and lived for deception and theft,” said the man. "Those are exactly the types of folks we have in this village," the master explained.

Another visitor to the community asked the same question a day later, to which the master replied, "How were the people in the town where you came from?"

The visitor replied, “They were kind and lived in harmony, and they looked out for each other. For the land, they respected one another and were seekers of spirit." "Well, that's exactly the type of folks we've had in this community," the master explained.

Moral of the Story

Whatever you see in the world, the world sees in you. If you only see the nasty and selfish side of people, that is what they will see in you. So be nice to the world, and the world will be good to you. If you treat the planet well, the world will treat you well.

The smile story

The Smile Story

Another Story on Smile 

Miss Ellis handed her students a new project one day: a happiness assignment. Her students would be "happiness collectors," and they were to see what would happen if they sought to make others happy. All of the students accomplished excellent things as part of their homework, but Carla Chalmers' performance astounded everyone. Carla appeared a few days after the job was sent out, carrying a large sack. "I have all the joys I've acquired thus far in this bag," she remarked, beaming.

Everyone was excited when they saw this, but Carla didn't want to show them what was in the sack. Instead, she took a tiny package from her bag and handed it to her teacher. Carla got an instant camera from her pocket and stood with it after Miss Ellis had removed the package.

"Miss Ellis, please open it."

The teacher took a long time to open the box. Carla shot a photo of her since she had a big smile on her face. Carla's picture appeared on the screen of the camera, and she handed it to Miss Ellis along with a sheet of paper. The instructor read the paper in quiet and then motioned over to the sack when she was done.

"Oh, so it's...,"

"It's a giant pile of smiles!" Carla said as she undid the knot that had secured the sack.

Hundreds of images tumbled out of the sack as she opened it, all of the various grins, each one gorgeous.

The remainder of the class was perplexed as to how Carla had managed to construct such a massive chain of joy. A snapshot with a wide smile was all that was in the package. Everyone who saw it, on the other hand, felt happiness being sent to them, and without even realizing it, everyone replied with a grin of their own.

Carla snapped a snapshot of each of her students now that they were all smiling. She handed them their own photograph as well as a piece of paper instructing them to do the same with others and to submit a copy of the photographs to her home address. Carla's letterbox was usually brimming with images of pleasant, smiling individuals for months after that.

As a result, she was able to disseminate awareness of the simple reality that every time you smile, you are giving the world a gift.


A smile greets a new acquaintance, helps others feel at ease around you, and displays your personality and sentiments. Whatever you see in the world, the world sees in you. People will regard you as rude and greedy if you only notice the negative aspects of them. So be nice to the rest of the world, and the rest of the world will be nice to you.  The world will treat you well if you treat the globe well.

When we are happy, we feel rejuvenated and joyous all of the time. It gives us a boost of energy and aids us in achieving our objectives. Nothing attracts others more than your grin, and nothing signals rejection as effectively as a phony smile or frown.

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FAQs on A Smile Story

1. Is the lesson of the story to smile?

Yes! Earn all the pleasures of life by doing a good act to someone who is in need. However, there are many who struggle to meet even the most basic of human necessities.

2. What role does a grin play in our lives?

More smiles are connected to greater health! Smiling not only relieves stress but also relaxes you and boosts your immune system's performance. Smiling has also been linked to a longer lifespan in several studies. It might be as simple as smiling more to live a longer, healthier life.