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The Journey of the Marmabill

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Introduction to the Marmabill Story

This is a story of the journey of the marmabill, a resident of the jungle who loses her home because of a boulder beast who took it and ran away. Having her home taken away, she has to go through so many challenges to get it back, all of which were difficult to tackle but she overcame. Though she faced hurdles, not all of her jungle mates gave her a hard time, the wigs were very helpful and empathetic towards her. On this adventure, she has a very thrilling experience while trying to get it back. Let's read ahead to find out about what she faced on this journey.

The Marmabill and all Those She Meets

The Marmabill And All Those She Meets

Marmabill’s Adventure to Fight Back And Win

A marmabill was looking on the rain forest floor,

she soon approached a tree that had a little wooden door, 

she had come very far and where she was she didn't know. 

She had never been so scared and didn't know which way to go.

She just gently knocked and twenty wugs came rolling out,

Whenever wugs hear a noise, they come to hear what it's about

I am in search of a big beast, He has run off with my nest

But it looks like I lost my way and I do need a place to rest

If he had chosen this way, I am sure you will find him on this path

Although we have lots of food and beds and oh my a bath! 

The wugs start to cook and they started filling a tub of bubbles

Flowers and petals bubble baths will surely to ease your troubles

They served her stew and nuts and she enjoyed every bite

And played some flip the wugs until they dozed off mid-flight

Please don't go, they requested when she thanked them for her stay

Still, she said, I was lost but thanks to you I am on my way

The marmabill walked over many logs and under heavy brush

Her tiny legs were moving quickly like she was in a rush

She paused for just a minute by a soothing flowing river 

and ate some berry snacks the plants were nice enough to give her

Do you mind, the ground exclaimed from underneath her ear

The ground just spoke? She said out loud, I am not the ground the voice declared 

while coming out the dirt, I am a Tanker Diggy, you sat on me and it hurt

The marmabill said sorry and offered him some food 

She didn't mean to squish him she was anything but rude

I am finding my home, she said, and he replied why?

A boulder beast has taken it and she started to cry

I saw one pass me by and he also had a sack 

I knew it, thank you so much, I have gotten back on track 

Following the river, she went further into the bank

But did not realise the Tanker Diggy had set a dirty prank 

She fell inside a hole that he had hidden up with plants

They chuckled up from trees while building stacks of army ants

She slipped along a muddy slide that travelled underground 

and once it stopped the marmabill was all mixed up around

More confused than ever she was in a dark cave

But being lost and scared is what will teach you to be brave

She couldn't see a thing but she could hear as well as ever

Giving her a thought it was as odd as it was clever,

she grabbed a bunch of rocks and started throwing them here and there 

and one that hit a wall or dips the sound would tell here where

She walked along that is until she threw one at the ceiling

It made a funny sound that gave her quite a scary feeling

Instead of hitting a stone, she threw a soundly sleeping fluther 

Soon its eyes lit up and started waking up another

A hundred fluthers fluttered down, glowing emerald green

Having just been woken they were acting cranky mean

They chased her down a tunnel so she ended up outside

A fluther pulled her by the tail and took her for a ride

She grabbed a branch while flying by and managed to break through

And found herself on top of a banana bonza tree

I see him said the marmabill that that bold beast 

And sat beneath the waterfall she spotted to the east

She grabbed the nearest vine and started swinging through the air 

But when she reached the boulder beast, he gave an icy stare

Give me back my nest she yelled with a shaky voice

She may have been afraid but she had made a mighty choice

The boulder beast came charging it was in a foul mood

Boulder beasts are known to have a fiery attitude

When she looked for cover it was then she recognised 

that she was near a kiki trap furtherly disguised

As she jumped away the boulder beast when running by 

He fell into the trap and he was hoisted to the sky 

Let me down he shouted as he dangled from the net

You stole my home she answered and now this is what you get

Her nest was trampled under foot but she knew what to do

After all, she had done she wasn't scared to start a new

She started finding twigs to build a home that made her proud

wugs and kikis welcome but no boulder beasts allowed.

Marmabill Facing the Boulder Beast

Marmabill Facing The Boulder Beast

Moral of The Story

We learn from the experience of the marmabill that whatever the situation may be, we must be strong enough to face them and try to overcome the barrier. We always achieve our goal if we lead with dedication and a strong will. We may come across many hurdles while trying to get through but we must fight to pass them and keep going. The way to win is to stay confident, not lose our focus and not get scared of the hurdles we may get along the way.


A marmabill is forced to leave her home after a Boulder beast snatches it and goes in search of a new nest. The marmabill meets nice wugs and a helpful tanker diggy along the way, but she also comes across less welcoming creatures like vicious key-keys and grumpy fluthers. From the cosy kitchen of the wugs to the dangerous lighting cave of the fluthers, chase her through the jungle. The sincere Marmabill searches for a place to call home but discovers something more astounding than a simple nest.

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FAQs on The Journey of the Marmabill

1. What did Marmabill set this journey out for?

Marmabill set out on this journey to get her home, her nest back from the boulder beast who had taken it away. 

2. What did Marmabill do when she faced so many challenges?

The marmabill stayed strong and continued her journey after overcoming any challenge that she faced. She stayed focused and did not let anything scare her.

3. What do we learn from the story of Marmabill?

We learn that In many situations we may also see ourselves in a situation for which we may have to fight back to get what is ours. We should always stay focused and dedicatedly work hard towards winning in such situations.