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An Amusing Penguin Story for Kids in English

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A Penguin Story: The Story of Little Edna

Have you ever read the penguin stories? Imagine you are with the penguins in their land of snow, and all you can see is either blue, black, or white. How would it be? An interesting short story for kids is narrated below that will tell us about a little penguin and her journey to find something different from her surroundings. 

The Little Penguin Edna and Her Adventures

Faraway in the land of snow, there live more than a hundred penguins. Little Edna was one of them. Since the moment she was born, Edna had only known three colours, white, blue, and black. However, little Edna believed that there must be many more things and colours that she was yet to discover. Let us now read if and how she found out what she believed. 

Image of Edna watching the snow

Image of Edna watching the snow

Looking at the snow all around her, Edna knew that white is one colour that she always saw, just like the previous day. At night, she saw the dark sky and the darkness all around her. So she knew that black is another colour.

Image of little Edna watching the dark sky

Image of little Edna watching the dark sky.

The next morning, when Edna looked at the endless sea, she thought to herself blue is the third colour that she had ever seen.

Image of Edna looking at the endless sea

Image of Edna looking at the endless sea

Edna said to her friends that they had the white ice for sliding, the black night brought some stars along with it, and they had a deep blue sea where they hunted fish. “But there must be things that we haven’t seen, something else,” she added. She used to stand at the peaks of the snow-hills in the search for something else. 

A little penguin and a young pair of twin penguins were her good friends. When they used to call her for playing, she would still keep looking faraway for something different. She told them that she was busy looking for something that was not black, not white, and not blue. The little penguin asked her to play with them when she would be done looking. 

A large penguin called Edna to fish with him, but Edna retorted, “I am busy looking for something.” The large penguin said, “Are you looking for something to eat? Something like lunch?”. As Edna was not ready to go fishing, the large penguin said, “Come and fish with me when you are done looking.”. Edna thought to herself that she would never get tired of looking. 

The next morning, Edna decided to set off on a journey around the world and find something else that wasn’t blue, black, or white. The large penguin packed a big fish for her lunch. Edna walked on and on in the search for something else. She walked on the snow and rolled down the snow-hills and “Oof!”, thud she fell down a hill and her head went straight into the snow. 

Image of Edna falling into the snow just before finding her something else

Image of Edna falling into the snow just before finding her something else

On taking her face out of the snow, Edna exclaimed, “Wowww! I knew it. I knew that there was something other than black, white, and blue.”. She saw an orange-coloured tent put up by the scientists. She hurried back to her home and told her friends that she had finally found ‘something else’ she was looking for. She asked them to come with her and see it for themselves. Everyone rushed along with her without even finishing their lunch. As they kept walking they could not have anything for dinner.

“Look,” said Edna.

“Wow! This is really something else.” rejoiced the penguins. 

They looked around all the tents, the airplane, and the clothes of the scientists. They were surprised to see so many different things all at once. When the scientists were packing up their tents and were about to board the airplane, Edna couldn’t help but pitched in for something. Meanwhile, the large penguin looked for lunch in the boxes and trunks. 

The scientists boarded the airplane and it was all set to take off. They gave Edna two pairs of orange gloves. “Thanks for this something else,” said she. As the airplane took off, the penguins started for their home. The way back to their home seemed to be shorter as they were so happy with the gloves. 

After reaching home, the penguins played with the gloves. Edna was overjoyed to have something else and so were her friends. The next morning while Edna looked at the deep blue sea, she wondered, “What else could there be?”.

Image of Edna wearing the orange glove as a cap

Image of Edna wearing the orange glove as a cap


Little Edna’s curious mind led her to find something that she never knew or saw. Thus, a curious mind always helps you to find something new. There are many other penguin stories like “Dubby The Penguin”, “Mrs. Penguin’s Perfect Palace”, “Little Penguin Learns To Swim”, and so on. As kids are often intrigued and delighted to read stories with colourful pictures, these short penguin stories in English are quite popular among them. So, these short stories for kids can fit as bedtime stories as well as leisure reading.

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FAQs on An Amusing Penguin Story for Kids in English

1. What were the colours Edna had known since her birth?

Edna had seen only white ice, blue sea, and black night ever since she was born. Hence,the only three colours Edna had seen around her were blue, white, and black.

2. Was Edna content after discovering another colour, orange?

No. Edna was not satisfied after she found out the orange-coloured gloves and the other commodities of the scientists. Though she had found something else than blue, white, and black, she still wondered what other things on the earth she was yet to see and know.