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Short Story On Save Water Save Life

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“Water is one of the important elements which we need for surviving. Water is very precious to our life. We should conserve water and spread awareness on conservation of water.” - these are things which we have read and heard innumerable times, but do we really understand the urgency of the ‘water saving’ quotes? Let us give a reality check. 

Horrifying Data on Water and Life!

On average, a human body requires 3.7 litres of water per day. At present, on Earth, approximately there are 775.28 crores of people drinking water every day, which means on average, 2868.536 crores litres of water are required per day to stay alive in this mortal world! Now, do you know what is the water constituent of the Earth? It is only 3%! Nearly about 65% of drinking water is stuck in glaciers, while only 1% of potable water is present in rivers, lakes, and other water bodies. After this grave data, we probably now understand the urgency of the water-saving quotes and the importance of water management.

Not to Scare But to Make an Aware – Save Water Save Life

The figures were not to raise an alarm but to make you aware and update you about the importance of water conservation. 

In this context, we are going to talk about water conservation and its importance, also we are going to narrate a short story on – save water, save life. 

A Short Story On – Save Water Save Life

There was a village boy named Sadhu. As a kid, he always used to rhyme “Water is a necessity! Water is important! Water is life!” He never wasted a single drop of water rather saved water and continued rhyming his rhyme on saving water. Years later, people in his village used water recklessly, but Sadhu did not. He tried to warn everybody and make them aware about saving water but none paid any heed to the little boy’s warning or rhyming.

Sadhu even showed how not to waste water. He demonstrated how to brush the teeth turning the tap off, using a bucket and a mug for bathing, and other such saving water tricks but still the people did not care much. 

Months went by, winters came. On a cold and frosty morning, the villagers woke up to find that there was no water. They called out to each other to check if anyone had water, but alas! no one had a single drop. They could not drink any water, wash their clothes, or take a bath the whole day. 

Finally, the villagers then approached Sadhu. They repented for their mistake of not saving any water. Sadhu reminded them of the importance of water. Sadhu was a kid so they allowed every villager to take a bucket of water that he had stored in the tank during the summer days. The villagers thanked Sadhu and promised themselves never to waste water. 

The next day, by god’s grace, the village welcomed winter rains. Their wells and tanks were again filled with sparkling water. Everyone in the village glittered with joy! 

After this learning, the villagers saved water and rhymed like Sadhu “Water is a necessity! Water is important! Water is life!”

Thus, do you see the importance of water? If we run out of water in a single day, it becomes hard for us to survive. 

How Can You Save Water?

save water

Save Water

In this section, we will share simple saving water tips which we all must follow. The tips are as follows:

  1. You can save water by bathing in a bucket.

  2. Do not use the shower even if you love using the shower, use it for shorter times.

  3. Install a bucket or a tank under your roof where the water drips in the monsoon season. Freshwater from the rain will automatically get collected here. 

  4. Turn off the tap while you are brushing your teeth.

Simple tricks and tips on saving the water will go a long run. As responsible earthlings, it is our prime duty to save water for the next generation. So, we all must come together and save water so that we do not face any day like the villagers faced in the story of Sadhu. 

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FAQs on Short Story On Save Water Save Life

1. Why should we save water?

This is a harsh reality that we cannot live without water. Thus, we should save water for our own life. Also, for the future generation, we should responsibly save water.

2. What do you mean by water management?

Water Management is the process of planning, developing, and distributing the water resources efficiently in order to get the optimal use of this scarce resource.