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The Brave Boy Story for Kids

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It is easy to call oneself brave. But it takes a lot of courage to do something for one's family in time of need. Let us read an interesting story about a brave boy who would go to any extent to take care of his family.

The Brave Boy Story 

There was once a boy named Brave Boy who lived with his family near a forest. Brave Boy loved to play in the woods nearby and was not afraid of climbing trees and big rocks and hills.  His father was a hunter who would hunt animals and bring back food for his wife and son. Brave Boy’s father used to carry a black rock with him while going to hunt. As long as he had the black rock, he would always find animals to hunt and bring back for food.

One day, the father lost his black rock and could not bring back food. Slowly, the family’s food reserves were getting low, and they were starting to starve. Brave Boy’s mother asked him to find his father a black rock. Brave Boy started by searching the house for the rock. But he could not find any. Next, he thought of paying his friend Running Stream a visit, since he knew that she collected rocks. Unfortunately, Running Stream had rocks of various colours but did not have a single black rock.


Running Stream mentioned that black rocks were very popular and that she would give all her collected black rocks to a grumpy old man living up the Black Cliff. The old man would give her animals in return for these black rocks as he was a collector himself. She also mentioned that the grumpy old man believed that black rocks gave out luck and that he wanted to be the luckiest in the forest.

Black Rock

Black Rock

So, Brave Boy decided to climb the Black Cliff and get himself a black rock from the old man’s house. Fortunately, on that day, the old man seemed to be away from his house, and Brave Boy found himself a black rock at the bottom of his rock pile. But suddenly, the grumpy old man came in and asked him what he was doing with his rocks. Brave Boy quickly put the rock in his pocket and stepped aside. The old man knew very well how many rocks he had. As he started counting his rocks, Brave Boy quickly escaped from the house and climbed down the Black Cliff. 

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Brave Boy Climbing The Black Cliff

Brave Boy then came home and gave the black rock to his father, who would then be successful in hunting deer, rabbits, and birds everyday. Brave Boy’s parents were very happy and proud to have the rock as it would help the family survive. And that day onwards, they always had food on their plates.



Family is the most precious thing that one can have in this world. One should be willing to do anything for one’s family. Family is where a person gets nourishment and care from, and the person should always be willing to take care of his family no matter how difficult it gets or how dangerous things may seem. This is what makes a person truly brave.

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FAQs on The Brave Boy Story for Kids

1. Why did the grumpy old man collect all the black rocks? 

The grumpy old man collected black rocks since he believed that black rocks provide luck. He wanted to be the luckiest man in the forest and wanted to keep all the luck for himself. He was so obsessed with collecting black rocks that he would even give his food (animals) away in order to have all the black rocks.

2. Why did Running Stream have no black rocks left?

Running Stream would collect rocks for herself but would give all the black ones to the grumpy old man, who collected black rocks, in exchange for animals, which she could consume as food.