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A Short Story About Judging Others

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Why Do We Judge Others?

As humans, we live in a society comprising our fellow human beings who can sense things and use knowledge as our power to give life meaning, unlike animals which don’t lack emotion but wisdom.

We are blessed to sense the danger, and with our ability to make choices and eradicate problems However, there is an unseen danger that comes with our sense to adapt and think, which is to judge. We often judge and pass statements where they are not required and even can add to the problem. So today we will read a story of another judgment that leads to a fatal end of life.

Pointing at others and judging others

Pointing at Others and Judging Others 

Story of An Unheard King 

A long time ago in the United states of America, there lived a wealthy king owning land which couldn't be measured, and the wealth was uncountable and managed by one party. He had a clan of his own and was the sole person to manage all the affairs of the village he ruled and managed. 

The king usually remained occupied in the matter of the state and people , issues big concerning the state or issues of his people were sorted and the final decisions were always made by him single-handedly.

King listening to the issues of the clan

King Listening to the Issues of the Clan 

With this much pressure on his head, he finally looked upon his sons to help him in the concerning issues of the states.

The sons who were the official heirs of the king’s power always thought it was easy for the king to manage everything on his own.

With time and age, the mighty king went depressed and alone as his nears and dears never thought that he, the king of the land, would ever need help or ears to listen to his growing burden and isolation that he was handling alone.

One day the king went to his sons and explained the whole problem of his age and depression. He was clueless as to whom he should handle his power and take the final test the same as a person of his age, to all the situation seemed abnormal as the king who always took great decisions and made the kingdom survive and flourish for so long was clueless, the person who held all the affairs was not getting to a solution. On the other hand, the sons thought that it was difficult for a person who was deciding for all not to decide for him.

King and his son

King and His Son 

The situation worsened and the king who led the masses was alone, surrounded by judgments and no solution in his time. All thought of him as the strongest but he started to fail secretly, leading the whole state to despair.

The next day the king sad and depressed left the city as it was the first time he was not understood but judged, the situation of helplessness left him hollow and the body of the king was found hanging from a tree in a far-flung area and later as the empire had no ruler it was occupied by the conquers.


The story shows how we tend to judge others on the way their life seems to us rather as they are also humans and need help. The mighty king had land and property, a great heir who would have succeeded but they always enjoyed their father’s decisions and never took interest in his matters.

The king who was thought mighty by all needed help but was left alone with judgments because of his greatness. We should never judge somebody and cook their stories, we as human beings should value emotions and confessions and act as per that.

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FAQs on A Short Story About Judging Others

1. Do you think the life of the king could have been saved? Who killed the king, he or the situation?

The mighty king who was trusted by all and was the only decision-maker was left alone in the times when he needed help in life and decisions. People laid trust in him and were shocked when he confessed his doubts rather than giving him a decision that could have helped him he was left with judgments about his personality and no one helped him  The judgments killed the king of his situation would have been considered we would have lived happily in the kingdom built by him and ruled by his sons. 

2. Why making judgments is easier than helping and understanding, refer to the story while answering. 

Making judgments is easier as we think about a person’s life through our views and lens, which are most of the time veiled by the truth. Everyone’s life seems happier, easier than theirs but in reality, these judgments keep us away from reality and by this we have to pay big penalties of losing our dears as in the case of the king, if the pain of the king would have been understood by the fellow human beings then the clan didn’t have to lose a mighty king and an emperor who helped them in every situation.