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Pinocchio Story in Short for Kids

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Introduction to the Pinocchio Story

The Pinocchio story is a popular children's novel written by C. Collodi that initially appeared in serial form in the Giornale dei Bambini in 1881, and was later released as a book in 1883. The premise of the story is based on a wooden toy. It portrays the narrative of a little marionette who wishes to grow up to be a real boy. In this article, we provide the Pinocchio story in short for kids.

Pinocchio Story in Short 

Once upon a time, in a small village, a craftsman named Geppetto decided to make a fine toy. He searched for a long time to get a good piece of wood. He then found a piece of pinewood, he examined the wood and started to carve it. After working for several hours Geppetto carved a beautiful puppet boy. Geppetto started cleaning the puppet as he was cleaning the puppet he heard a strange voice and found that it was the voice of the puppet. The toymaker named the wooden puppet Pinocchio.



As time passed, Pinocchio and the toymaker started enjoying each other’s company and grew fond of each other. Pinocchio wanted to go to school but the toymaker did not have enough money. So he decided to sell his coat for some money. He then gave the money to Pinocchio to buy stationary and warned him not to wander around.

Pinocchio decided to go to school and as he went to the school he saw a circus. He went to see the circus and there was a huge crowd of people. Soon he found himself locked in a cell. He started crying and soon a fairy came and released him from the cell, and warned him not to repeat the same mistake.

Pinocchio started travelling to the school the next day. He was on his way to the school as he was crossing the forest he met a fox and a cat. When the cunning fox and his buddy cat saw Pinocchio carrying money, they stopped him and inquired where he was headed. Pinocchio said that he was going to acquire some school supplies.

Listening to this fox said that with the money Pinocchio had he would not be able to buy the goods. The fox further suggested giving the money to the fox and he would plant it in a magical forest where the money would grow. Little Pinocchio believed the fox. As time passed by he did not find the money and started crying.

Hearing the cries of the puppet boy the fairy appeared and asked what happened to the money. Pinocchio made some excuses and lied, and as he continued lying, his nose grew larger and larger. Soon the fairy realised that he was lying.

The fairy asked, “Are you telling the truth?” “Sorry, I was afraid of being scolded,'' he replied. The fairy once again saved him and returned the money.

The long nose of Pinocchio

The long nose of Pinocchio

The next day as Pinocchio was going to school he met the circus owner. The circus owner was furious to see Pinocchio as he knew Pinocchio ran away from the circus. To punish the puppet boy he threw Pinocchio in the sea where he was swallowed by a giant whale.

The toymaker grew worried about the whereabouts of Pinocchio.  He searched the nearby places then a fisherman said he saw a wooden boy thrown into the sea. Hearing this the toymaker went to the sea and soon he was also swallowed by the same giant whale.

As the toymaker and Pinocchio saw each other in the whale’s stomach they started sobbing. Pinocchio promised the toymaker that he would be wise and listen to the toymaker. Haering them cry the fairy that helped Pinocchio earlier, appeared and rescued them.

Pinocchio thanked the fairy and promised that he would be wise and listen to the toymaker. The fairy found his apologies sincere and granted him the wish to be a real human boy. From then the toymaker and Pinocchio lived happily ever after. 

Pinocchio and the toymaker living happily ever after

Pinocchio and the toymaker living happily ever after

Moral of the Story

We should learn from our mistakes and never repeat them. Also, we should never lie.


This was the complete Pinocchio story in short for kids. A small request for parents is to allow kids to read and recite different short stories and poems. Introducing kids to different forms of literature can help kids to widen their vocabulary. Apart from this short stories are a great way to teach kids about the moral values of life. 

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FAQs on Pinocchio Story in Short for Kids

1. Why was Pinocchio in the sea and what happened to him?

As Pinocchio was going to school he encountered the furious circus manager who threw Pinnocchiointo the sea. Soon he was engulfed by the whale. As he did not return to his home the old toymaker was worried and went on to the sea to find him. The toymaker was then swallowed by the same whale. Later the fairy heard the cries of Pinocchio and saved them both.

2. What is the moral of the Pinocchio story in short?

The most important lesson of the story is to never lie. The short story also conveys the message to be focused and clever. As Pinocchio got distracted easily by small things he ended up getting in trouble but as he realised his mistake and learnt to be obedient and clever the fairy rewarded him by turning him into a real boy.