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Never Tell a Lie Short Story

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Introduction to Never Tell a Lie Short Story

You must have heard from your parents and facilitators that you should not tell a lie. If you tell a lie then no one is going to believe you in the future. A short and same story is shared in this article for you. 

In the story, “Never tell a lie”, a boy used to tell a lie for fun but one day when his lie came true then no one believes him, and his fun became dangerous to his life. What was that lie? Any guesses?

Let’s read the whole story to know about his lie. 

The Story

Once upon a time, a young shepherd boy would lead his flock of sheep up the hill to graze on the nearby fresh green grass. The hill area was well known for the threat of a wolf, who used to attack the sheep grazing there.

The Boy Grass Feeding the Sheep

The Boy Grass Feeding the Sheep

However, the locals were well aware of the wolf and constantly ready to help anyone calling out for extra help. The shepherd boy's master informed him of the villagers' intention to give a helping hand.

One day, as he sat on a hillside, watching his flock of sheep forage nearby, the shepherd boy got very bored. So he thought of something amusing to do to amuse himself. To convey assistance, he yelled, "Wolf! Wolf!" loudly. My sheep are the target of a wolf raid. After trying to rush to the hillside upon hearing that, the villagers were shocked to find there was no wolf. The shepherd boy successfully troubled the villagers, who roared with laughter to their horror. The villagers were so furious and upset that they warned the shepherd boy not to call for help when there was no wolf.

The Boy Who Crying out for Help

The Boy Who Crying Out for Help

After a few days, the shepherd boy yelled out in need of assistance once more, "Wolf! It's a wolf raid on my sheep! He chuckled as more villagers flocked to the hillside to assist him in chasing the wolf away. 

However, they quickly discovered that this was the shepherd boy's second con on them. The majority of the time, they became irate very quickly. A warning was given to the young boy to prevent him from raising any more false alarms.

But the shepherd boy saw a wolf the very next day while concentrating more on his herd of sheep on a hillside. He was so startled and terrified that he cried out "Wolf! Wolf!" as loud as he could.

Alas! Nobody came to help him because they believed the shepherd boy was making a pointless noise just to try to scare them once more. They went to the hillside to look for the boy but gave up when he didn't return to the village until after dusk. They discovered that the young boy was crying. When asked what occurred, he answered, "Without a doubt, a wolf was there. The flock has spread out. I screamed, ‘Wolf!’ Why didn't you show up?".

The villagers responded that they thought he was going to pull a silly joke on them by raising a false alarm about the wolf again. They decided not to help as a result. The young shepherd boy decided never to lie again after learning his lesson.


Moral of the Story

The moral of Never Tell A Lie Short story is that no one believes a liar even when he is telling the truth. We should never tell a lie in any situation.



We read the story of a boy with his sheep in this story “Never tell a short story”. The shepherd boy used to get bored sitting on the hillside when his sheep grazed nearby. One day he thought to play a trick on the villagers and raised a false alarm, crying, “Wolf, Wolf”. Everybody came to help him and found no wolf. The boy laughed a lot when he saw them. He continued it and then the one-day a wolf came and ate his sheep but no one came to help him even though cried for help. Hence, this story gives a lesson to not become a liar because no one believes a liar even if he says the truth later.

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FAQs on Never Tell a Lie Short Story

1. Why did the boy cry wolf the first time?

A shepherd boy once led his herd of sheep up the hill to graze on the fresh, green grass. He did nothing but sat there for the entire day. One day he thought to break his boredom, and he cried out, "Wolf!", all the villagers came there to help him.

2. What happened when the villagers heard the cries?

He expected that when his cry was heard, the villagers would stop what they were doing and run in great excitement to the pasture. However, when they arrived, they discovered that the boy was doubled over in laughter at the trick he had pulled on them. A few days later, the shepherd boy yelled, "Wolf!" when a wolf attacked his sheep, and then no one came that day.

3. What happened at the end of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” story?

Each time the boy cried out, “Wolf” villagers came there to help him and then the boy laughed. The boy continued his trick to fool the villagers. But one day, his lie came true. A wolf came and ate his sheep. He continued crying, “wolf, wolf”, but no one believed or came to help him.