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Father’s Day Special – 5 Inspiring Stories of Father

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What’s the History of Father’s Day: Story About Father

Every year, Father’s day is celebrated to honour fatherhood and the bond a child shares with his or her father. This day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June. This year, Father’s day will be celebrated on June 19, 2022.

The credit of Father’s day is given to Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington, whose father was a Civil War veteran. He raised Sonora and her five siblings after their mother died in childbirth. In 1909, while listening to a sermon on Mother’s Day, she got the idea that there should be a special day to celebrate fatherhood too. Local religious leaders of that time supported her idea, and the first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, i.e., the month of the birthday of Dodd’s father.

Now, let us go through the story about fathers around the world.

Story – 1: The First Graduate 

This story talks about a family facing financial difficulties. A motivated son of the family wants to do something for his family. He finally graduates and he works hard to achieve something at a great height. This son learns a lot many things from his father. The son never asks for anything in return from his parents. 

In fact, little by little whatever he achieves, his father feels proud of him. This is how a father plays a role model for his son to make him reach a good position. 

Story 2 – The Prodigal Son

This story throws light on two sons who have opposite personalities. Here, one son fulfils all his duties as a good son, another Prodigal son looks for his own happiness.

So, what happened in their life was one son wanted to explore the world. One day, he left his home and travelled to many places, where he spent money on unhealthy things. However, on the other end, the second son used to be obedient and fulfilled all his duties.

So, when the first son who went outside became penniless returned home. Do you know what his father’s reaction was?

Father’s love

Father’s love

The father immediately forgives the first son and welcomes him back into the fold, celebrating his return.

Story 3 – Talking is Like Ketchup: Story About Father

This story throws light on the lack of conversation between a father and a son. However, the son always respects his father and appreciates him for being the smartest person ever.

One day, the father was reading a book in his living room and the son was watching television. When an hour passed, the son felt bad for not having any conversation with his father during that time. So, the son came to apologise to him for not talking much. Then, his father said, “Carmen, Talking is like ketchup – If you like the meat enough, you don’t need the ketchup — and if you like the company enough, you don’t need the conversation.” 

The son then realised that though his father never earned a college degree, he is the smartest and an intelligent person in the universe.

Story 4 – Dad’s Secret Spot

This story is narrated by a son, who talks about the love a father has for his son in the following way:

Dad’s secret spot

Dad’s secret spot

My dad was a gardener and he would proudly tell people, “I can grow anything.” Though he could except for my favourite lilacs. He tried everything to grow lilacs to show for his efforts. One night when I was a teen, it was raining violently and I heard the creak of the side door. And he stood soaking wet, etched with scratches, holding plenty of lilacs. “From that very onwards, I found a secret lilac spot,” he said. “It was not easy, but I got them.” That’s how he got everything for me.

Story 5 – There’s Always First

This story talks about a father and a son selling bread for a living. Father and the son enjoyed each other’s company very much. Father would drive home at lunchtime and the son would go with him. 

One day, they delivered the bread to a large grocery store. When they pulled in back, the manager saw the son and said, “I heard it’s your birthday, so go pick out anything from our toy aisle free.” The son excitedly grabbed some paper dolls, but the big surprise was still ahead. The father, the store manager, and the employees stood with a huge lit cake, singing “Happy Birthday.” He had turned seven, and this was his first-ever birthday party. He said “Thanks, Dad!”


Fathers are the dearest people in our lives, they seem to be tough on the outside but softie on the inside. A father is the backbone of the family and does a lot of things to keep his family happy. Being able to spend time with him has been a treat for all of us.

With these heartwarming stories that provide more meaning to the relationship between a father and his child, we all must feel blessed to have a father by our side. 

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FAQs on Father’s Day Special – 5 Inspiring Stories of Father

1. Mention the importance of a father in a family.

Fathers play an important role in the development of a child’s emotional well-being. Children depend on their fathers for security and emotional support. Fathers make sure that values and morals are instilled into a child so that they grow up as respectful individuals.

2. How do fathers matter in a family?

The following points illustrate why a father matters in a family:

  • A father gives you strength.

  • A father’s words inspire you to do something great in your life.

  • A father’s smile can bring joy and happiness in your life.

  • A father’s guidance is always life-changing and foundational.

  • Adventures with a father can always be exciting and memorable.

  • A father’s correction is life-saving and life-giving as well.