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Story of Wise Totum and Its Moral

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Let’s Read the Wise Totum Story

Generally, kids these days aren’t much fond of basic king and queen stories, but like adventurous stories. What do you like, a normal king and queen story or some adventurous story with a unique ending? This is one of the adventurous stories for kids that have fun, entertainment, and some important future life lessons. So, the story name is Totum’s wise challenge. In this story, you will get to know about wise Totum and his story of him. Let’s begin the otherwise story of wise Totum.

Totum and His Younger Brother Raj

Totum was a young boy who lived with his mother, father, and younger brother Raj. Totum was a very loved kid until his younger brother Raj was born, but he was not at all jealous of Raj. His younger brother on the other hand was mean to Totum, as his parents never used to scold him for anything.

Totum with His Family

Totum with His Family

Not only at home but Raj used to bully and tease students in his school as well. Raj used to tease and take other students' stationery and break them, and not at all study either at home or at school. One day in school, totum saw Raj plucking away all the flowers from the garden and decided to teach Raj the value of nature.

Totum's Challenge for Raj

On the next weekend, Totum asked his parents to take them on a jungle safari, where they could see different and unique types of plants, trees, flowers, insects, etc. Raj did the same things there as well, he plucked the flowers and leaves that he liked.

Raj saw a huge tree with different flowers, and fruits and told his father, “This tree is so big and beautiful, let’s cut it and take it home”, even though it was not possible but still totum wanted to teach Raj a lesson.

He then went to Raj and said “ There are hundreds of trees, plants, and insects here, search the jungle and find me a cut tree which has such flowers and fruits, if you find me one, then we’ll take this tree home”.

Totum and Raj in the Jungle

Totum and Raj in the Jungle

Raj got very happy after hearing this and thought that it was very easy and began searching for such a cut tree. He saw many cut trees but could not find a single bloomed flower or fruit on them. Hours passed by and Raj was still searching, he got very tired but refused to accept the fact that his elder brother was right and he was wrong.

Raj Learning Nature's Value

After Raj failed to find such a tree, totum made him understand how important trees are and that cutting trees is not only a crime but a personal loss for us humans. Then he explained to Raj the importance of nature, and how flowers, insects, animals, and birds, of them, are a part of a circle and this circle can’t be completed without any of them.

Raj then realised how 'wise' totum was and promised to never hurt nature again. Their parents got very happy seeing all this and they all planted many plants in their home.

Raj Planting Trees

Raj Planting Trees

Wise Totum Story’s Moral

This story teaches us to value nature and each one of those who are around us.


In the story of wise totum, he smartly taught Raj (his younger brother) a lesson about the value of nature. Raj started learning new things about the world, from a simple challenge given by his elder brother. In this way, in the end, he understood that we should always value the things we have and never regret when we lost them to our mistakes. This applies to every aspect of our lives. So it's better to cherish what we have.

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FAQs on Story of Wise Totum and Its Moral

1. What do you think this story of wise Totum and Raj taught you?

We are the future generation of our planet and we should take care of our elders, and also nature, because if we don’t do it then no one else but we will only have to face the consequences.

2. Do you think what Totum did was wise? 

Yes, absolutely! If totum didn’t stop him then and there, Raj would have not learned to value those things. Another wise thing totum did was he made him learn a lesson in a peaceful manner instead of fighting or scolding him,  this way it made Raj respect his elder brother.

3. If you see someone cutting a tree, or plucking out a plant/flower hereafter, will you stop them?

Yes! Now that we know the value of nature, we should tell it to all those who don’t. We are all one in it and should help each other learn new things and values. So if you see someone cutting a tree off hereafter, you must definitely stop them.