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Wet Pants Story - Stories with Morals for Kids

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An Overview of the Story

Children love listening to stories and enjoy reading stories with colourful pictures. Whether it's a bedtime story or a moral story, stories do help children explore their imagination. Here is a kids’ story that introduces a nine-year-old boy whose wet pants, and there is a puddle between his feet all of a sudden. At the end of the story, we will learn some valuable lessons from it. So, Let’s dive in and see the wet pants story in detail. 

The Wet Pants Story

A nine-year-old boy was seated at his desk when suddenly, there was a puddle between his feet, and the front of his pants became wet as well. He felt as though his heart would stop, and he was unable to fathom how this could have occurred. It had never occurred before. He was aware that if the lads found out, he would constantly face bullying at school.

Boy with Wet Pants in Class

Boy with Wet Pants in Class

The girls will never talk to him again as long as he is alive when they learn the truth. The boy bowed his head and wished for a miracle. He was aware that he would no longer be able to face anyone in the school if anyone found out what he had done. He observed a teacher approaching him when he looked up.

A student called Susie, who was holding a goldfish dish filled with water, stumbled in front of the teacher as she approached the boy, mysteriously dropping the bowl of water on his lap. The boy appreciated the circumstance while pretending to be furious with Susie.

Wet Pants Standing in Front of the School

Wet Pants Standing in Front of the School

The child suddenly found himself the target of pity rather than being made fun of. As his trousers dried, the teacher led him downstairs and handed him a pair of gym shorts to wear.

On their hands and knees, the other kids were tidying up the area surrounding his desk. The compassion was excellent, but as fate would have it, Susie ended up receiving the mockery that should have been his. She attempted to help, but they blamed her for everything.

Susie and the Boy with Wet Pants

Susie and the Boy with Wet Pants

Finally, when everyone was waiting for the bus after school, the boy approached Susie and muttered, "You did it on purpose, didn't you?". “I once wet my pants too”, Susie muttered back.

Moral of the Story

The story teaches us to help others who are in embarrassing situations for people we know like Susie helping the boy with wet pants in this story.


The wet pants story gave us an important lesson to learn. The wet pants story is about a nine-year-old boy who goes to school one day and wets his pants and is scared as he thought his classmates will make fun of him. But he eventually sees that everyone starts to help him and even a little girl named Susie comes to his rescue and comforts him. 

From this story, we have learned that we all experience both good and bad things. We should never forget how we felt when we were in the same situation as someone else, and we shouldn't make fun of them for being there. 

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FAQs on Wet Pants Story - Stories with Morals for Kids

1. What did the little boy think when he wet his pants?

The little boy could not believe how this could have occurred, and he was scared that his heart might stop. He was aware that because it had never occurred before, the other boys would never let him forget it. The girls would never talk to him again as long as he would be alive if they got to know that. He bowed his head down and wished for a miracle.

2. What is the moral of the story?

This story about wet pants is about a boy who wets his pants in school and gets terrified. We all experience both positive and negative things in life. We should constantly think about if we get into the same situation and not make fun of others who are experiencing it. Always attempt to comprehend their situation as if you were in it and help as much as you can, praying to God that you are in a position to aid someone who needs it today.

3. Why did Susie choose to hide the fact that the boy’s pants were wet?

Susie not only helped him overcome the unfortunate situation but also decided to keep the fact a secret as she knew it could have a few consequences and that the other children in the class might make fun of the boy. Susie pretended to accidentally drop the bowl of water on the boy to help him hide his fear of embarrassment. Susie told the boy that she had been in a similar situation before. So, Susie chose to hide the fact that the boy’s pants were wet and protected him from embarrassment.