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The Clever Fish and the Greedy Fisherman Story with Moral

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Does your brother ask you to give the last chocolate to him? And, then he promised to give you five more for that last chocolate in the evening. What did you choose to do at that moment? Accept the rapacious offer or eat the last chocolate in front of your brother. 


If you face such a situation, what should you do? Confused, are we? Oh, please don't be. We are here to help you out. Read this simple and intellectual story and you will find the answer. 

Clever Fish and Greedy Fisherman Story

Clever Fish and Greedy Fisherman Story

Story of the Clever Fish and Greedy Fisherman

Long ago, there lived a fisherman in a village. He used to go fishing every day along the river. The fisherman threw his fishing net into the river and waited for the fish to get captured into it. Later, he sold them into the market and earned money. He followed the same routine.

But, one day when he was fishing in the river and waiting for a long time for a fish to get caught, he was amazed by something unusual. When he took out the net, he saw a very little fish caught in it. He got a little upset.

When the little fish saw the saddened face of the fisherman, she made a plan to save her life. She pleaded, “Dear fisherman, do not take me off, I am very small.” But it did not affect the fisherman. He kept on pulling the net.

The fish again pleaded, “Oh! Poor fisherman, I feel so sad for you. You waited for a very long time, and you got only me. I am not afraid of dying, but what money will you earn after selling me?”

“A very little”, she answered it herself. Now, the fishermen paid a little attention to her. But she continued, “I have a plan. If you allow me to go back to my home, I will tell all my friends how nice you are. And, by tomorrow, I will get all of them into your fishing net to meet you near the bank of the river. Then, you can catch all of them in one go.”

He peeped out once.

But, the clever fish continued and asked firmly, “Would you  allow me to go back into my home, my river?”

The fisherman thought “if I allow her to go, then I can get many fish tomorrow, without much effort.” “And, I will get good money, Wow!”, he muttered. 

Before the smart-tiny fish repeated the same question, the fisherman nodded and said, “Yes, but don't forget your promise”. 

“Hurray! I am going back to my home”, she exclaimed. 

The fisherman released the little fish into the water happily. 

But, what next? Did she keep her promise? 

When the next day the fisherman visited the bank of the river and looked up for that tiny fish excitedly, he found nothing. The fish did not come out.

Moral of the Story

The story of “the Greedy fisherman and Clever Fish” teaches us very important lessons. These are the following: 

  • Never lose hope in any situation.

  • Avarice is the root of the evils.

Answer to the Very First Question

So, will you give your last chocolate to our brother? Hmm…?? What did you say? 

No. A big “No”. Is this what you said? That is great. 

So, you not only just read a story but also learnt an important lesson, a lesson for life. Good Job! 


The fisherman realised that the clever fish had deceived him. He also got disappointed as he could not make money for the two successive days. On the other hand, the fish saved her life with bravery and intelligence. To read more such good stories, explore our website.

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FAQs on The Clever Fish and the Greedy Fisherman Story with Moral

1. How many fish did the fisherman catch in his net?

The fisherman caught only one fish in his fishing net. Though he waited for a long time, he failed to catch more fish.

2. What is the moral of the story ‘The Clever Fish and the Greedy Fisherman’?

The moral of the story is to never lose hope. We should face the difficulties and problems with bravery and wit. Also, we should not be greedy.