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Bengal Tiger Story for Kids

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About the Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger resides in India, thus they are also known as Indian Tigers. For centuries long, these tigers represent the rich culture of the lore of the country hence they are even honoured by the countrymen.

The Bengal Tiger story is moreover about the characteristics of the Bengal tigers, how they are, what they feed on, and other facts that will be interesting enough for the kids to read. We will be discussing the facts in the form of questions.

Let us start with the fact of how big the Bengal tiger is.

Know Important Facts about the Bengal Tiger 

The Bengal Tiger

The Bengal Tiger

Here we will be talking about the Bengal tiger in the form of facts that we have collected for you. 

How Enormous can the Bengal Tiger be?  

A Bengal tiger can reach a head to body length of around 2.7 to 3.1 meters. Their mass weighs around 180 to 260 kg. They grow to a height of about 90 to 110 cm.

Where do the Bengal Tigers Habitat?

The Bengal tigers are found in the Sundarban Delta region. Sundarban Delta is the world’s largest mangrove forest. The Bengal Tigers live up to 25 years. The Bengal tigers can also be found in North and Central India. They can also be found in Birmania and in Nepal.

How do the Bengal Tigers Hunt their Prey?

The tigers mainly prey during the dark hours of nighttime. They hunt down their prey by first attacking the side or at the back. They bite the smaller prey at the nape of their necks and they bite the bigger prey at the throat area letting them suffocate until they die. 

The Bengal Tiger hunts “yaur”. This animal is like a wild bull; they also hunt buffalo, wild boar, and monkeys.

If the tiger is hungry, it can even kill up to 30 buffaloes in a year!

Their appetite is so large that they can eat up to 31kg of meat within a single night! Normally they take 2 to 3 days to eat their prey. 

After completing a meal, the tiger will cover its prey with leaves for the next meal.

At What Time do the Tigers Mate? - Their Relation with Other Tigers

The Bengal Tiger generally breeds during the spring season. 

The male tiger will approach the tigress by coming to the female’s field. After about 15 weeks their “babies” come to this world. The babies of the tiger are first sightless for the first 10 weeks. Then after 8 weeks, they will be feeding on the small prey that their mother brings for them. 

The tiger hunts alone at night. They are typically loners and a night hunter. They do not like sharing their territory with other tigers.

They urinate to mark their territories. Indeed they have a strong urine smell, which marks their presence. 

The Tiger’s Paw

The paw print of the tiger can measure up to 13 cm in diameter. This will nearly measure two human hands after being placed side to side. Their forefoot has five fingers, while the hindfoot has only four fingers. They have cushions under their feet and thus when a tiger approaches its prey it can do so easily by not making any sound.  

A Tiger’s Rest and His Territory  

A tiger is very possessive about its territory. It takes almost 2-3 days to have a full tour of his territory finding good hiding places. 

When they rest, no one can disturb the tiger. Other animals dare not to interfere with his space. A tiger can easily hide behind the long and tall grasses, giving them a perfect camouflage where he can approach his prey without being noticed. 

Thus, this content was all about the Bengal Tiger. We have learned many details about him so if you spot one, beware to stay off his territory. Also, if you ever plan to visit the Sundarban area, the place where the Bengal tiger resides, make sure to have a guide to guide the tour and for other safety purposes. 

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FAQs on Bengal Tiger Story for Kids

1. Are Bengal Tigers bigger than the Siberian Tigers?

No, the Siberian Cats are much bigger than the Bengal Tigers. On average, the Siberian Tigers weigh around 600 to 750 lb having a body length of 10 to 12 feet.

2. Which is the strongest tiger?

The strongest tiger is the Bengal Tiger.