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The Crow and the Pitcher Story

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Introduction to the Story

The Crow and the Pitcher story is one of the famous stories about a crow who was very thirsty and looking for water. After travelling for a long time someone helped the crow, can you guess who helped the crow? Yes, you are right, the crow helped itself. This story is taken from Greek storyteller Aesop's fables. Aesop's stories always teach children a moral lesson. So let's read the story and understand the moral behind it.

The Story

Once upon a time, there lived a crow in a forest near a small village. It was a very sunny day and the weather was dry. The crow was flying for a long time so he was very thirsty. It was a very difficult situation because the crow was not able to find any water but after searching for water for a long time the crow reached the village. 

Crow on a sunny day

Crow on a Sunny Day

In the village, the crow saw a pitcher and he couldn't believe his eyes as he saw some water in the pitcher. The crow was very happy and was not able to think of anything else. The crow put his head inside the pitcher but the poor crow was not able to reach the water. 

Now the problem was that the pitcher was high and had a narrow neck and no matter how much he tried he was not able to reach the water level. The crow became very sad and disappointed but you know what, the crow was very clever. 

Thirsty crow seeing less water in a pitcher

Thirsty Crow Seeing Less Water in a Pitcher

So the crow thought a lot and started searching for ideas because he was in a deadly situation but the good thing about the crow was that he was very clever and did not give up when he faced a different situation.  This attitude of the crow helped him and he got an amazing idea.

The crow saw some pebbles lying on the floor. He thought that if he threw the pebbles in the pot then the water in the pot would rise up and then he would be able to drink the water and fly back to the forest. This idea gave him hope and he started searching for pebbles, flew towards the pebbles, and put one in his beak then he flew back to the pot and dropped the pebble in the pot. The crow did this again. 

Crow throwing pebbles at the pitcher

Crow Throwing Pebbles at the Pitcher

He put a Pebble in his mouth and came back to the pitcher and dropped the Pebble in the pitcher. After some time the crow tried to drink the water but he still couldn't reach the water level.

Now the crow had become more thirsty and tired but still, he did not give up and after repeating this process for a long time the water level rose so much that the crow was able to drink the water.

The crow then put his beak in the pitcher and started drinking the water very fast and with every sip of water he felt more alive. After drinking enough water the crow flew back happily to his forest.

Crow drinking water from the pitcher

Crow Drinking Water from the Pitcher


Don’t give up at the first sign of failure. In fact, never give up! Any obstacle can be overcome, and often little by little does the trick.


In the story, a very thirsty crow was searching for water. After searching for a long time, he found a pitcher, but the water in the pitcher was very little. The crow was not able to reach the water. So, he got an idea and started throwing some pebbles in the pot.

Due to this, the water level in the pitcher rose and the crow was able to drink the water, and he became very happy.

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FAQs on The Crow and the Pitcher Story

1. Why was the crow not able to drink water from the pitcher?

The crow was not able to drink water from the pitcher because the water in the pitcher was less and because the pitcher was long and had a narrow neck it became difficult for the crow to reach the water level. So, no matter how hard the crow tried, he was not able to reach the bottom of the pitcher to drink the water. Therefore, the crow had to think of another way to drink the water from the pitcher.

2. What did the crow do after he picked up the pebbles?

The crow was very tired and thirsty because he was not able to get some water. Then he started searching for pebbles and flew towards them then he put the pebbles in his beak one at a time and flew back to the pitcher and dropped the pebbles in the picture so that the water level in the pitcher can rise and the crow can drink water. The crow succeeded in his plan and he drank the water and happily flew back to the forest.