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A Toe Story

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Story of a Girl and Hairy Toe

Are you fond of reading short stories? Here’s a story with a moral message for kids. So, reading short stories help kids to learn important lessons about life. This is a thriller story about an old lady who saw a giant hairy toe. So are you ready to read the story? So let's start.

The old lady

The Old Lady

The Big Hairy Toe

Once upon a time, there was an old woman. She was living alone in a small hut. She used to live in a village near the woods. Every day she went to the woods to collect some roots and fruits that were good to eat for her dinner. 

As usual, she went to the woods again, but something different happened one day. She saw something was sticking around the leaves. She was so excited to know about that sticking thing. So she started digging up the nearby ground. Finally, she found a big hairy toe.

When she found the big hairy toe, she shouted, ‘it is a big hairy toe’. After some time, she concluded that she should take it home herself. So she took it home. It had a good amount of meat present on it. There was some great meat on that toe that would make a genuinely scrumptious supper, so the old woman put it in her bushel and brought it back home.

When she returned to her hut, she bubbled up a pot brimming with furry toe soup. Then she had a good dinner. It was very delicious. She was quite happy and went to her bedroom to sleep. Soon she fell asleep as she had the best dinner that day.

Scared old lady

Scared Old Lady

The Dark and Scary Night

A strong wind started blowing after some time. The trees were swinging dangerously. It made all the creatures shiver with cold. At about midnight, a cold wind started blowing on the top of the trees around the old woman's house. 

A large black cloud crept over the moon, and from the woods, a hollow voice rumbled: “Hairy Toe, Hairy Toe, I want my Hairy Toe.” The older woman was very scared. Soon, she started shivering. Again the sound echoed, Hairy Toe, Hairy Toe, I want my Hairy Toe.”  Due to the heavy wind, her hut creaked stomp, stomp, and stomp. She felt the sound coming closer to her with the passing of time. The sound soon reached her garden.

The Giant Toe

“Hairy Toe, I want my Hairy Toe.” She lost her mind when the sound was pretty close to her. She jumped from her bed. She quickly locked the door and closed all the windows of her house. She ran towards her bed and thought that she was safe now. But she was wrong. The door opened. She could hear some footsteps on her stairs. 

It was saying the same thing again and again, “I want my Hairy Toe.” Suddenly, the bedroom door opened. There was a giant figure. The old lady said, “I ate your hairy toe.” The giant replied, “Yes, I know!” And that was the last day when she was visible to anyone. Only a giant footprint was visible in her garden.

The giant at old woman’s door

The Giant at Old Woman’s Door


We should never pick up anything from anywhere without knowing what it is, as strange things can harm us. Everything delicious is not safe for us. Think before you act. We should never be greedy.

The old lady got a bad result from her greed. She thought she would have a good dinner, but that was wrong. She had a bad experience. She thought she would be safe after hiding, but no, she got caught. There was a dark and scary night that made everything wrong.

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FAQs on A Toe Story

1. Who do you think the hairy toe belonged to?

The hairy toe belonged to a giant that arrived at the old woman’s house to ask for it. Since the old lady took the hairy toe and ate it up for dinner, the giant harmed her. The old woman found the hairy toe in the forest after digging the area around it.

2. If you find a hairy toe, will you take it up?

The old woman saw something which was sticking around the leaves in the woods. She was so excited to find the hairy toe. So, she started digging up the nearby ground. Finally, she found the big hairy toe. We should never pick up anything strange or something that might belong to someone else. Otherwise, we are most likely to meet the same fate as the old lady in the story.

3. What is a hairy toe?

Hairy toes aren't uncommon. Hair on your toes is, in the majority of cases, an aesthetic issue rather than a medical one. However, in some cases, it could be a sign of a medical condition.