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Two Funny Stories for Kids

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Short Humorous Stories for Children

Humorous stories aren't just meant to entertain the reader; they often include sophisticated features of satire, irony, and parody that inspire kids to think and use their imagination. What appears to be a simple, humorous story may actually force the reader to think in a more deep and sophisticated manner, analysing the characters' actions and feelings in relation to their own experiences.

Humour enables kids to look under the surface of events because we all know that things are not really as they seem. Children who learn to think carefully through comedy are less likely to be subjected to various sorts of manipulation and attempts to create a system of like-minded people. Children with a developed sense of humour will be able to see things in a different light and come up with original and unique ideas.

The ability of a youngster to see things in a different light when they are looking through the lens of humour is a sign of high emotional intelligence. Over-seriousness is frequently a sign of spirit and character rigidity. Humour is commonly associated with spontaneity. In this article we will learn about two funny stories and their morals.

Story 1: Sheikh Chilli’s Grand Plan

Sheikh Chilli decided to sell mustard oil one day. With an oil barrel on his head and dreams in his head, he walked. "I'm going to get a good deal on the oil." He thought, "What shall I do with the money I'm about to make?"

A herd of goats had just passed by.

"I have enough money to buy a goat." The goat will give birth to babies. I'm going to sell the baby goats for a good price. "What am I going to do with that money?" Sheikh Chilli wondered.

A herd of cattle had just passed by.

"I can purchase a cow with that money. I'll get milk from the cow. I'm going to sell the milk. I'm going to buy a farm with that money. In fact, I'll purchase a pair of bullocks to plough the field. Then I'll plant crops and marry a girl." 

Sheikh Chilli continued to walk while daydreaming. Unfortunately, he failed to see the bullock standing on the road. Sheikh Chilli hit the bullock and fell.

When the barrel broke, the oil spilled all over the floor. The buffalo was cursed by Sheikh Chilli.

Sheikh Carrying Mustard

Sheikh Carrying Mustard

He yelled, "You stupid beast,  You've completely ruined my life! I ran out of oil. I lost the goat. I lost the cow. My bullocks and my field were both snatched away from me. I lost everything!"

Story 2: A Trip to Heaven

One day, a farmer noticed that some animal had broken into his farm during the night and eaten part of the sugar canes he was growing. He decided to keep an eye on the situation. He went to his farm in the middle of the night to make sure no animals had entered.

He was astonished when he saw a white elephant eating on sugar canes. He screamed at the elephant while he ran after it. The elephant tried to escape. It was caught by its tail by the farmer. He was terrified to see the elephant rise from the ground. The jumbo started flying!

The terrified farmer held the flying elephant's tail. Above the clouds, the elephant landed in a garden. The farmer recalled his grandma talking of heaven. "This must be heaven," he thought. He was delighted to find lovely trees full of juicy fruits. He began to eat the fruits. He put a few fruits into his pocket. He wanted to tell his friends back on Earth about them. The farmer held the elephant's tail when it flew again. The elephant descended, ready to travel to the sugarcane farm. The farmer rushed home after they landed on Earth.

The farmer's friends were suspicious of his claim. He gave them some delicious mangoes from the heavenly trees. The fruits were so sweet that his friends all agreed they tasted like heaven. They were curious as to when he would return to heaven. The farmer said that he wanted to visit that evening. His friends pleaded with him to join him. The farmer agreed. He said, "Yes, let's all go to heaven and celebrate there." The friends decided to meet at midnight in the sugarcane farm.

The farmer and his friends were waiting in the farm that night, they saw the white elephant fall from the sky. They patiently waited till the elephant had eaten its fair share of sugarcanes. The farmer ran and held the elephant's tail as it was about to take off. One of the friends rushed forward and held the farmer's legs as the elephant rose. Another man ran and grabbed the legs of the man holding the farmer's legs as the elephant rose higher. As a result, the human chain grew as each man grabbed the legs of the man above him.

Elephant Flying with Men Holding Its Tail

Elephant Flying with Men Holding Its Tail

As the elephant took flight, the friends began to talk. One of them asked about the watermelons in the heavenly garden. The farmer replied, "Of course, there are watermelons." "They're huge!" he said.

"How big is it?" asked a friend.

"This huge," the farmer said as he demonstrated with his hands.

The farmer and his companions collapsed when he opened his hands to demonstrate the size of the heavenly water melons. Fortunately, they landed in a stream on earth.

Lessons from the Story

Sheikh Chilli is a humorous character that gets lost in his thoughts and creates air castles. But, as he regains awareness, he finds himself in the midst of the crowd, and something goes wrong. The moral of Sheikh Chilli's Grand Plan is to be aware of the surroundings and react to one idea at a time rather than living in a fantasy world. Another tale, A Trip to Heaven, shows that being aware is far more important than acting stupidly without appropriate thought.


Reading funny stories on a daily basis is beneficial for the soul and great for developing readers. Most children, naturally, like reading and listening to funny stories. We can take advantage of kid's interest in funny stories to help them improve their literacy skills.

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FAQs on Two Funny Stories for Kids

1. How did sheikh chilli fall on the ground?

Sheikh Chilli continued to walk while daydreaming. Unfortunately, he failed to spot the bullock standing on the road. Sheikh Chilli hit the bullock and fell.

2. Where did the farmer and his friends fall?

As one of his friends asked about the size of the wonderful watermelons, the farmer opened his arms to demonstrate their size. As a result, the farmer and his companions were lucky enough to fall into a stream on good old soil.