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The Mysterious Treasure - Folktale Story

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Introduction to Folktale: The Mysterious Treasure

A folktale story is the type of story that is passed down from generation to generation. There is no single author for authentic folktales. Over time, they are altered as new individuals tell them. They are therefore works produced by "the folks". Folktales have a long history. The stories were told aloud for many generations and were never recorded. The stories would be preserved by storytellers who would memorise them.

The collection shares many enjoyable tales that feature characters like Aladdin, Ali Baba, and Sinbad the Sailor. These vivid stories have been gathered and recorded for over a thousand years.

Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting 

Let’s have an example of a Folktale story

The Mysterious Treasure

Once upon a time, there was a king who lived with his four sons and his queen. One day the king certainly died leaving his queen and four sons behind him.

The queen loves her youngest son the most as compared to her other sons, she thought that the youngest son is better at everything. So, she decided to give him the best food, the best horses, the best things like furniture, the best robes, etc.

The youngest prince had so much wealth that now he never wanted to listen to anyone, not even his mother. One day he wanted to take a bath in the river so he went to the river with his mother. Then after some time, a large boat was riding there at anchor, there was no one on the boat, then the prince went to the boat and told his mother to come with him. 



His mother told him to stop and come down, but the son disagreed and said that he wanted to go on a voyage, and if you want to come with then come fast, or he will be off thrice.

The queen said to the prince that doesn’t go and come down instantly. But this time the prince just ignored his mother and started raising the anchor. The queen went up into the boat and then the boat sped up like a jet. 

After the boat reached the sea, it came near the whirlpool where the prize saw so many big rubies floating on the water. Such large rubies were never seen by anyone; each thing is equal to the wealth of seven kings. The prince took half a dozen of those rubies and put them in the boat, his mother told him to stop by saying that you are taking them like a thief. After the repeated entreaties of his mother, he threw them into the sea, but he tied one of them in his clothes. 

The boat then drifted towards an island. It was a big city controlled by a great king. Some kids were playing there with marbles, the prince had no marbles to play with so he started to play with the ruby. The king from the far land also has a daughter, who was watching the games from a balcony of the palace, was astonished to see a bright red ball and wanted to take it. She told her father that a boy in the street had such a precious thing. 



The king ordered his servants to bring that precious stone from that kid, servants brought the prince with them and the king offered the kid thousands of money.

Now the prince and her mother want to go back to their palace so started approaching the boat, but now the mysterious boat has just gone no one knows that where it had gone then the prince and her mother went back to the great king’s palace and ask him to help them but the king only agreed on one condition that the boy told him from where in the sea he found the rubies, the prince had no choice left so he told the king about the place and according to the deal the king arranged a boat for them with the help of the boat the queen and the prince reached their palace comfortably, the great king also successful in finding the treasure and also send a bucket full of rubies to the prince in return gift because the owner of the sunken ship was that great king he also sends a letter by saying thank you to the prince.

Moral of the Story

The moral of this story is we should never discriminate between children and hard work with good values always pays off. 


Folktales cover a wide range of topics in life. They might discuss heroes and villains, animals and magical entities, and pleasures and tragedies. They may be frightful, humorous, or exhilarating. One example of folktale is discussed in this article and the story is “The Mysterious Treasure”. 

This is the story of a prince who was the youngest in his family. That's why his mother loved him more than his brother. Due to this extra love and affection the prince never listened to someone. He used to do whatever he wanted. One day he said to ride on the boat that he saw while bathing in the river and he took it with his mother. They got some precious rubies on the way but then they reached a strange place where they had to give all the rubies to the king for the sake of reaching home. After that he reached their palace and the king sent a bucket full of rubies for them in the end.

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FAQs on The Mysterious Treasure - Folktale Story

1. Why does the queen love her youngest son the most? What did she lose by loving her youngest son?

In comparison to her other kids, the queen loves her youngest son the most and believes he is superior in every way. She, therefore, made the decision to offer him the greatest horses, furniture, robes, and food possible. She lost the palace where she lived with the king and also she lost all the support from her other kids because they felt discriminated against due to the queen’s behaviour towards them. 

2. Is it worth telling the great king about the treasure? What if the prince stole some rubies?

Yes, the prince does the right thing to tell the king about the treasure because by doing this he gets a ride back to his palace, and also the treasure belongs to the king, so we have to learn from the prince that every time we have to do right in any condition we have to do right with other peoples. If the prince stole the rubies then it was wrong we have to return the things to their rightful owners.

3. What lesson did you learn from this story?

This is a great story of a younger prince. This story gives us the lesson of good values that we should never discriminate against children and that striving for excellence while upholding moral principles always pays off.