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Thumbelina Story in English for Kids

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Origin of Thumbelina Story

Thumbelina is a short story that revolves around a young girl. It is a literary work of fiction penned by Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish novelist. It is a story about a young girl who has adventures with toads, moles, and cockchafers who want to marry her. Before finding love with a flower-fairy king her size, she successfully avoids their intentions. Thumbelina was first translated into English in 1846. The story has been made into a drama series and an animated picture, among other forms of media.

The primary theme running through the plot is greed. Several characters are envious of Thumbelina's charm and want it for themselves. Another key motif in the tale is kindness.

In this article, we will provide a version of the Thumbelina story in simple English. We hope that kids would greatly enjoy the story.

Thumbelina Story

Once upon a time, in a distant town, a woman lived alone. After her spouse died, she was quite lonesome. She had always desired to have a kid, but she was unable to do it. She went to see her close sorceress acquaintance one day. The sorceress handed her a seed of barley and instructed her to sow it at home. The lady followed the instructions.

The following morning, a lovely plant had sprung from the seed. It has a beautiful tulip-like blossom on it. The woman had never seen such a flower before and was enthralled by its beauty.

She caressed one of the flower's petals softly. The flower bloomed open as she did so. There was a lovely little child within, about the size of the woman's thumb. Thumbelina was the name given to her by the woman who fell in love with her right away.

Thumbelina and the old lady

Thumbelina and the old lady

Thumbelina made the lady's sadness disappear. She would tell her tales and converse with her during the day. She'd create Thumbelina a canoe from a tulip petal that she could float in a plate filled with water on occasion. Thumbelina slept on a walnut shell bed with a rose petal cover at nightfall.

As days passed by Thumbelina lived happily with the old lady singing and playing in a dish of water with flowers and a leaf boat during the day. And at night, she slept in a flower petal bed. One night, as she was sleeping, a frog came to her window and saw her. "What a lovely girl!" he exclaimed to himself. My son will have a wonderful bride!" As a result, he snatched Thumbelina and ran back to his house.

His kid was overjoyed when he saw his future bride. "She's lovely, papa," he said. I'm going to marry her! But first, I want to build her a lovely house," his son explained. "All right, son, till then, I'll put her on the water lily in the middle of the pond." She won't be able to get away this way." The frog then placed Thumbelina in the centre of the pond on a waterlily leaf.

Thumbelina captured by the toad

Thumbelina captured by the toad

Thumbelina attempted to flee her new home. But when she couldn't, she sobbed uncontrollably. Her call was heard by two minnows who were sitting under the same leaf. They inquired about her problems, and after hearing about it, they decided to assist her. The lily stem was chewed away at. It eventually split apart and drifted away with Thumbelina.

Thumbelina felt she was finally free when a beetle appeared and whisked her away to his home. He summoned his companions to introduce them to his lovely prisoner. Friends of the beetle, on the other hand, warned him that she was too different from them and that she didn't belong among them. "I concur! "I believe I should let her go," the beetle reasoned. Hearing this, he dropped Thumbelina in the long grass and flower.

Thumbelina was overjoyed at the prospect of being free of her kidnappers. She, on the other hand, had no idea where she belonged. She spent a lot of time in the grass and among the flowers. She would consume the pollen and sip the water from the flowers' petals.

One day, while wandering, she came across a small mud house with a weird oval doorway. She approached it and rang the doorbell. "Hello, isn't it chilly out there for you today?" said a mouse as he answered the door. Please come in! "Thanks a lot," Thumbelina replied. When Thumbelina was comfortable in the mouse's home, he inquired regarding her identity.

Thumbelina shared her complete story with him. "Don't be concerned! "You are welcome to remain as long as you like," the mouse said.

As a result, Thumbelina began to settle in her new house. She would cook for the mouse and tell him stories to make her helpful around the household. Within a few weeks, the mouse said that he had asked a visitor to stay with him. "He's the wealthiest rodent on the planet." He's one of my closest friends."

The mouse's pal arrived over for dinner the other night. They were all chatting and having a wonderful time. During supper, the companion fell madly in love with Thumbelina and announced his intention of marrying her. Thumbelina seemed to have no choice other than the obligation to comply with the situation.

She decided to go to the friend's place when he proceeded to show her around. And the trio embarked on their journey altogether. They passed through a tunnel on their way there. They discovered a wounded swallow on the ground.

"Serves her right!" remarked the mouse's companion as he booted it. What exactly is she up to in the underpasses? He should've just stayed in the skies the whole time."

Thumbelina was taken aback by the fact that anyone could treat someone else in this manner. She bolted from the scene, unseen by the mice. She returned to tend to the swallow once she was certain the mice had gone. She looked after her until she was able to fly again.

After a few months, the mouse's companion rediscovered Thumbelina. "Oh, my sweetheart!" I've been seeking you in all the wrong places. Now that I've found you, I have no choice but to tie the knot to you." Thumbelina realised she couldn't get out of it. So she begged him if she might spend one final day outside before being condemned to residing with him underneath for the rest of her life.

She heard a familiar voice as she walked the broad meadows one more time. The swallow whispered, "Come, come out of the other end with me so that your heart will be always happy!" Thumbelina recognised an old acquaintance who may have come back to her.

She accepted this time and hopped on the back of the swallow, and they flew away. They flew across the land, water, and verdant pastures.

Thumbelina landed on a gorgeous flower petal by the swallow when they arrived in the realm of the flowers. "This is the Kingdom of Flowers," he said. "And that is their King," the swallow explained.

Thumbelina noticed a young, gorgeous King with lovely wings. He was encircled by beautiful flowers. She knew she wanted to call this place home as soon as she saw him. The King's attention was drawn to her. He, too, fell head over heels in love with her right away. "Will you marry me?" the King asked. With a wide smile, Thumbelina said, "Yes!"

Thumbelina and the Flower King

Thumbelina and the Flower King

She grew a lovely set of wings and became the Flower Queen as pleasure flashed on her cheeks. They married soon after and lived happily ever after.

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FAQs on Thumbelina Story in English for Kids

1. What is the moral of the story?

The moral of the story is that we will face several issues and obstacles throughout our lives. Many of us do things we don't want to do, but if we are as true to ourselves, honest, and kind, as Thumbelina was, we will overcome these hurdles and receive what is best for us in the end. Thumbelina didn't give up in the face of adversity; her generosity, honesty, and hope won at last. To be happy in life, we should look at Thumbelina and overcome all of our challenges.

2. What kind of girl is Thumbelina?

Thumbelina in the story is described as a nice and stunning adolescent with strawberry blonde hair, and blue eyes. The most unique feature of Thumbelina is her small size, she is just a thumb long. Despite her diminutive stature, she is a romantic with a great heart. She also is very hopeful and despite all the adversity she faced, she retained her kindness.